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Section 12: Selection of Posts

Posts treated with copper chromium arsenate (CCA) have become the standard of the industry in recent years.They last longer than creosote treated posts.If the posts are treated with creosote or pentachlorophenol, plant the vines at least one foot from the posts. Also, direct the root system away from the post. Be sure the roots are well covered with good topsoil. Posts treated with copper chromium arsenate (CCA) preservatives do not appear to be toxic to muscadine vines so plants may be set as close as six inches from the post. Wood preservative treated posts should be weathered prior to erecting the trellis, so that excessive surface preservative is washed off.

12.1: CCA treated posts are giving good results and have not been toxic to the soil or plants.

Plastic posts are also available but are probably too flexible for muscadine trellises Improvised posts such as old but sound railroad ties, “fat lighter” posts, telephone pole sections, reinforced concrete posts, locust posts, and metal posts made from worn-out road scraper blades can also be used. Road scraper blades may need an additional cross piece welded on the bottom to give them greater stability.

12.2: Geneva double curtain trellis system made from old road scraper blades.

Steel T type posts driven two feet in the ground can be used as an alternative type post. However, they are more likely to fail than wooden posts under extreme weather conditions or crop load.

Section 13: Setting the Plants