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Section 13: Setting the Plants

To ensure the greatest success and highest rate of survival, plant muscadines during December, January and February as soon after you receive them as possible.Set bare rootplants about three inches deeper than the top roots. Spread the roots out. Set container plants about one inch deeper than they grew in the nursery. If the container plants are pot bound (roots coiled around the pot), use your fingers to untwine some of the roots and spread these roots out in the planting hole. Backfill the hole with top soil and firm with your feet. Water the plants if rain is not received a few days after transplanting.

Do not place fertilizer in the hole prior to planting, and do not make a ground application immediately following planting. Allow the ground to be settled by a drenching rain or irrigation before fertilizing the plants after bud break in the spring. Follow the recommendations in the “Fertilization” section of this bulletin.

Section 14: Trellises