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Section 16: Multiple Trunk Training Method

If the quality of the nursery plants you received is very high, with a large root system and top, you may leave as many long canes (stems) as you need cordons (permanent arms). This is only recommended on fresh market muscadines where mechanical harvesting will never be employed. Multiple trunks make mechanical harvesting less efficient. The multiple trunks should be kept separate so they will not constrict each other as they increase in diameter. Cut off all unneeded shoots. Provide support for each shoot with a string or long stake as described in the next section. Only let the top bud on each shoot grow and keep side shoots below the wire pinched short. Once the shoot reaches the wire wrap it loosely on the wire as it grows. Pinch the tips of side shoots ten inches from the cordon to encourage the main shoot to keep growing down the wire.

Section 17: Single Trunk Training Method