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Section 27: Weed Control and Cover Crops

Muscadines have a shallow root system and do not tolerate weeds well. A weed free strip four feet wide should be maintained under the vines. As the vines age increase the width of the strip to the edge of the wheel tracks on your equipment.

See your county Extension agent for specific weed control recommendations. The Georgia Farm Chemical Handbook is revised every year to include the latest information on grape weed control. Be sure to keep a current copy on hand. A typical program for grape weed control involves an application of glyphosate plus preemerge herbicide applied before bud break in the spring (before March 15th), followed by several applications of a “burn down” type herbicide during the summer. In the fall, before Oct. 15th, a burn down herbicide is mixed with a preemerge and applied to control winter weeds. Types of preemerge herbicides used are rotated to prevent crop injury.

Figure 14. A good herbicide program is a key in good vineyard management.

Photo 27.1: Good weed control in a mature vineyard. Note how the herbicide band extends to the edge of the wheel track.

Section 28: Muscadine Grape Diseases