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Section 32: Table 6 – Processing Muscadine Cultivars


Cultivar Flower Type1 Fruit Color Berry Size Harvest Season Vine Vigor Winter Hardiness Comments
Carlos SF Bronze Medium Early H G Juice, jelly, most popular white wine muscadine
Cowart SF Black Med.-large Mid H F Juice, jelly
Doreen SF Bronze Small- Late H G? Very productive, may overcrop
Golden Isles SF Bronze Medium Mid H G? Less “musky” muscadine for wine
Ison SF Black Medium Mid H G? Good pigment stability
Magnolia SF Bronze Medium Mid M G? Juice, jelly, wine, susceptible to powdery mildew and fruit rots
Noble SF Black Small Early H G Jelly, best red wine muscadine due to more stable pigments



Probably the best choice

Limited trial only, try only a few vines on your farm before making a larger planting
Flower type

F = female flowered (needs self-fertile pollinator); SF = self-fertile
Vine Vigor

L = low, M = medium, H = high
Approximate berry size

S=<5 grams, M = 5-8 grams, L = 9-10 grams, VL = >10 grams (28.35 grams=1 ounce)
Winter Hardiness

P = poor, F = fair, G = good

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