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Section 4: Areas of Adaptation

Although muscadine grapes can be grown successfully in most parts of the state, they are best adapted to the Piedmont and Coastal Plains area. The more severe winters of the high mountain area injure/kill muscadines. Some cultivars such as ‘Higgins’ and ‘Fry’ are not recommended for the upper Piedmont (north of Atlanta-Athens) and are injured occasionally in the lower Piedmont and Coastal Plain. To select the most cold hardy cultivars, see the information on cold hardiness in the cultivar chart if you are planting muscadines in the upper Piedmont. Temperatures near or below 0oF. during the winter can be dangerous for muscadines, especially if the vines have been depleted by a heavy crop, lack of fertilizer, etc. (see the section on cold protection).

Photo 4.1: Muscadines are not well adapted to the high mountain area of Georgia.


Section 5: Vineyard Location