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Sponsored Research and Extension Projects – Archive

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YearSponsoredTitle P.I.(s)State(s)Crop(s)AmountProject#Report
2019ResearchStrawberry Plasticulture Variety TrialSmith, Eric; Brannen, Phil; Dawson, Josh; Cook, JeffGAStrawberry$5,0002019 R-01Progress 1/10/20
2019ResearchScreening Strawberries for resistance to Anthracnose crown (Colletrotrichum gloesporiodes) fruit rot (C. acutatum)Fernandez, Gina; Louws, Frank; and Adhikari, TikaNCStrawberry$5,0002019 R-02Progress 12/6/19
2019ResearchIntegrated Systems for managing soil-borne diseases in strawberry production in North CarolinaLouws, Frank and Adhikari, TikaNCStrawberry$5,0002019 R-03Progress 12/11/19 | Final
2019ResearchDisease and weed control efficacy of anaerobic soil disinfestation using brewer's spent grain and yeast inoculationSamtani, Jayesh; Johnson, Charles; and Butler, DavidVAStrawberry$5,0002019 R-04Progress 12/9/19 | Final
2019ResearchManaging vigor of Blackberry with prohexadione calcium: Effects on primocane and floricane developmentKon, Thomas et al.NCBlackberry$5,0002019 R-05Abstract 12/16/19
2019ResearchIdentifying Consumer Sensory Attributes of Arkansas Fresh-Market Blackberries that Impact MarketabilityThrelfall, Renee; Clark, John; and Worthington, MargaretARBlackberry$5,0002019 R-06Final 11/30/19
2019ResearchInvestigation of mechanized fruit zone leaf removal on crop yield and fruit composition in Vitis vinifera cv. 'Chardonnay' and 'Merlot'Hoffmann, Mark et al.GAGrape$5,0002019 R-07Final 12/9/19
2019ResearchOptimizing texture assessment for muscadine grape breedingWorthington, Margaret; Threlfall, Renee; Clark, John; and Conner, PatrickARGrape$4,4002019 R-08Final 12/11/19
2019ResearchMulti user testing of a pocket acidity refractometer (PAM) as a rapid means to determine titratable acidity in small fruitsPerkins-Veazie, Penelope et al.NCGrape$5,0002019 R-09Progress 12/9/19
2019ResearchComparison of a Rotating Cross Arm (RCA) and T-Trellis for Impacts on Southeastern Blackberry ProductionMcWhirt, Amanda; Lee, Jackie; Threlfall, ReneeARBlackberry$5,0002019 R-10Final 12/11/19
2019ResearchEvaluation of cane and spur pruning effect on Traminette crop yield and fruit compositionHickey, Cain et al.GAGrape$5,0002019 R-11Progress 11/25/19
2019ResearchFruitzone rainshields for high-value winegrapes: A test of conceptWolf, Tony and Nita, MizuhoVAGrape$5,0002019 R-12Progress 12/11/19
2019ResearchEvaluation of Advanced Selections, Southern and Northern Highbush Blueberries for Self- and Cross-FertilityAryal, Rishi et al.NCBlueberry$5,0002019 R-13Final 12/3/19
2019ResearchEvaluation of Rate-Reducing Resistance and Defense Responses in Strawberry Genotypes to Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes and C. acutatumAdhikari, Tika and Louws, FrankNCStrawberry$5,0002019 R-14Progress 12/11/19 | Final
2019ResearchEfficacy studies of major fungicides for management of downy and powdery mildews of grapeBrannen, PhilGAGrape$5,0002019 R-15Progress 11/25/19
2019ResearchPre-harvest Chitosan Application for Postharvest Disease Control and Shelf Life Extension of 'Camarosa' StrawberryVinson, Edgar, Woods, Floyd, and Wang, YifenALStrawberry$4,7502019 R-16Progress 12/11/19
2019ResearchEvaluation of late-dormant applications for control of Exobasidium fruit and leaf spot of Blueberry in GeorgiaOliver, Jonathan and Allen, ReneeGABlueberry$5,0002019 R-17Progress 12/9/19
2019ResearchEstablishment of the Critical Weed-Free Period for Newly Planted VineyardsBasinger, Nick and Hickey, CainGAGrape$5,0002019 R-18Progress 12/11/19
2019ResearchTolerance of strawberry to indaziflam herbicide applied to preplant or postemergence over the topChaudhari, Sushila and Jennings, KatieNCStrawberry$5,0002019 R-19Progress 12/18/19
2019ResearchDetermining nitrogen-source preference in blueberry using a split-root systemMalladi, Anish and Cabrera, MiguelGABlueberry$5,0002019 R-20Progress 12/11/19
2019ResearchDevelopment of a regional fungicide resistance testing service for DMI's and QoI's using both conventional and molecular methodsAli, E. and Brannen, J.GAService$5,0002019 R-21Progress 12/5/19
2019ExtensionDevelopment of a Grape Disease Identification Guide and contributions to the MyIPM App.Hoffman, Mark et al.NCGrape$5,0002019 E-01Progress 12/9/19
2019ExtensionVirtual Blueberry School 2019McWhirt, Amanda and Cline, BillARBlueberry$5,0002019 E-02Final 12/11/19
2019ExtensionDevelopment of a cultivar selection smartphone app for southeastern US bunch grape and muscadine vineyardsHickey, Cain et al.GAGrape$5,0002019 E-03Progress 12/3/19
2019ExtensionVinedresser Educational SymposiumsRadford, Joanna et al.NCGrape$5,0002019 E-04
2019ExtensionSeasonal Variation in blackberry nutrient concentration of primocane and floricane leaves in Prime-Ark 45 and Traveler in double and single cropping systemsFernandez, Gina et al.NCBlackberry$5,0002019 E-05Final 12/11/19
2019ExtensionEvaluating cultivar selection and integrated pest management practices economically to support Blueberry growers in the Mid-SouthHansen, Zach et al.TNBlueberry$5,0002019 E-06Progress 12/10/19 | Final 12/18/20
2019ExtensionEvaluating Primocane and Floricane Blackberry Varieties for Hardiness in Louisiana and MississippiFontenot, Kathryn; Sexton, Mary; Coker, ChristineLABlackberry$5,0002019 E-07Progress 1/10/20 | Final 10/15/20
2019ExtensionDevelopment of a regional pollinator protection and management guideBlauuw, BrettGASmall Fruit$5,0002019 E-08Progress 01/23/20 | Report 12/02/20
2018ResearchDetermining the status of twospotted spider mite acaricide resistance in southeast strawberriesSchmidt-Jeffris, BurrackSC, NCStrawberries$4,967 2018 R-01Progress 1/04/19
2018ResearchOptimizing texture assessment for muscadine grape breedingWorthington, Threlfall, Clark, ConnerAR, GAMuscadines$5,000 2018 R-02Final 1/07/19
2018ResearchNutrient Use Efficiency Assessments of Recently Released Strawberry Cultivars in Both Field and High-tunnel ProductionMcWhirt, LeeARStrawberries$5,000 2018 R-03Progress 12/03/18
2018ResearchOver the Top Herbicide Trials in StrawberryLee, McWhirtARStrawberries$5,000 2018 R-04Progress 1/09/19
2018ResearchInvestigating the effects of gypsum soil amendments on Phytophthora root rot in southern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum interspecific hybrids)Oliver, SmithGABlueberries$5,000 2018 R-05Progress 12/03/18
Progress 12/11/2019
2018ResearchDevelopment of Simple Sequence Repeat DNA markers for Muscadine Grape Cultivar IdentificationConner, WorthingtonGA, ARMuscadines$4,800 2018 R-06Progress 11/27/18
2018ResearchInitial Survey and Development of an Integrated Pest Management Approach to control grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) in the Appalachian Mountains.Hoffmann, Hickey, Lockwood, Burrack, Johnson, et. al.NC, GA, AR, TNWine Grapes$5,000 2018 R-07Status 12/03/18

Final 12/10/19
2018ResearchToward identification of genes that are involved in blueberry firmness or softnessAryal, Ashrafi, LiNC, GABlueberries$5,000 2018 R-08Progress 12/03/18
2018ResearchResponse of Floral Buds to Frost and Recovery Treatments in Southern Highbush Blueberry CV. ‘O’Neal’Ashrafi, ItleNC, GABlueberries$5,000 2018 R-09Final 12/03/18
2018ResearchMetabolic evaluation of sugars and acids as predictor of fruit quality in southern highbush and rabbiteye blueberry during postharvest storageNambeesan, NeSmithGABlueberries$5,000 2018 R-10Progress 12/03/18

Public Abstract
2018ResearchSeasonal evaluation of muscadine leaf tissue across growing regions to identify nutrient levels for the development of phenology-based recommendationsSmith, Hoffmann, HickeyGA, NCMuscadines$5,000 2018 R-11Progress 12/03/18
2018ResearchOccurrence and distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes on muscadine grapes in Georgia and North CarolinaBrannen, Jagdale, ClineGA, NCMuscadines$5,000 2018 R-12Progress 12/03/18
2018ResearchFinding the genes that control white and red drupelet disorders in blackberry Fernandez, Ashrafi, Worthington, Clark, NC, ARBlackberries$5,000 2018 R-13Progress 11/30/2018
2018ResearchDevelopment of IPM Strategies to Improve Sour Rot Management in Bunch GrapesBlaauw, Hickey, BrannenGAWine Grapes$4,972 2018 R-14Progress 12/03/18
Final 12/09/2019
2018ResearchEffects of ethylene-related plant growth regulators on blueberry ripening and postharvest storageNambeesan, NeSmith, MalladiGABlueberries$5,000 2018 R-15Progress 1/04/19

Public Abstract
2018ResearchEvaluating Winemaking Potential for University of Arkansas Wine Grape Cultivars and SelectionsThrelfall, Howard, ClarkARWine Grapes$5,000 2018 R-16Final 12/03/18
2018ExtensionDevelopment of a phenology-based vineyard management poster for extension agents and vineyard industry stakeholders in the southeastern US.Hickey, Wolf, Brannen, Blaauw, Nita, Hatch, Pfeiffer, Derr, Burrack, HoffmanGAWine grapes$5,000 2018 E-01Final 11/14/18

2018ExtensionBi-Lingual Demonstration Videos for Strawberry and Blackberry Production in the SE United StatesMcWhirt, Fernandez, Lee, GarciaAR, NCStrawberries, Blackberries$5,000 2018 E-02Progress 12/03/18
2018ExtensionMyIPM: An Innovative Resource for Pest Identification, Pest and Resistance Management, and Pesticide Risk AssessmentSchnabel, BlaauwSC, GAMuscadines, Wine grapes$5,000 2018 E-03Final 1/04/19
2018ExtensionDevelopment of a regional Muscadine production guideHoffmann, Hickey, Brannen, Smith, Conner, Cline, Mauney, BurrackNC, GAMuscadines$5,000 2018 E-04Progress 1/04/19
2017ResearchTrialing advanced strawberry selections in the Southern Region. Final year. Fernandez, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Samtani, RollinsNC, VA, SCStrawberry$5,000 2017 R-0111/29/17
2017ResearchEvaluation of Red Drupelet Reversion in Blackberries using High-Throughput Digital Image Analysis Worthington, Clark, Threlfall, SebestaARBlackberry$5,0002017 R-02Final 12/04/17
2017ResearchDetermining Marketable Attributes of University of Arkansas Fresh-market Muscadine GrapesThrelfall, Clark, WorthingtonARMuscadine$5,0002017 R-03

Final 12/17/18

Progress 11/30/17

2017ResearchOver the Top Herbicide Trials in Strawberry Lee, McWhirtARStrawberry$5,0002017 R-0401/04/18
2017ResearchExamining effects of three potential mode of action group fungicides among Colletotrichum acutatum and C. gloeosporioides isolates found in VA vineyards.    Nita, OliverVAWine Grape$5,0002017 R-05Progress 12/05/17
2017ResearchFoliar Nitrogen Application in Wine Grapes to Enhance Wine QualityHavlin, Heitman, AustinNCWine Grape$5,0002017 R-06 
2017ResearchEffects of postharvest blue light treatment on ripening, fruit quality and disease incidence in blueberriesNambeesan, van Iersel, SchermGABlueberry$4,9992017 R-07Progress 12/04/17
2017ResearchNutrient Use Efficiency Assessments of Recently Released Strawberry Cultivars in Both Field and High-tunnel ProductionMcWhirt, LeeARStrawberry$5,0002017 R-08Progress 12/05/17
2017ResearchChlorine dioxide gas to prevent hepatitis A virus contamination of strawberriesD'Souza, Morgan, LockwoodTNStrawberry$5,0002017 R-09 
2017ResearchEvaluation of the Nitrogen Use Capacities of Emerging Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties  Malladi, NeSmithGABlueberry$5,0002017 R-10Progress 12/01/17
2017ResearchEvaluation of Old and New Varieties of Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry for Postharvest Fruit Quality and Shelf-lifeNambeesan, NeSmithGABlueberry$5,0002017 R-11Progress 12/04/17
2017ResearchAffecting Fruit Set with Gibberellic Acid and Coconut Oil Soap Emulsifier in Rabbiteye Blueberry ‘Premier’ and ‘Brightwell’ under Field ConditionsSmith, MalladiGABlueberry$5,0002017 R-12Progress 11/30/17
2017ResearchMolecular tracking of predation on SWD in blueberry orchards: implications of alternative hosts for biocontrolSchmidt, AhmadGABlueberry$5,0002017 R-13
2017ResearchDelaying Browning of Bronze Muscadine Grapes During StoragePerkins-VeazieNCMuscadine$5,0002017 R-14Progress 12/04/17
2017ExtensionMyIPM:  An Innovative Application for Identification and Management of Small Fruit Diseases and Pests Schnabel, Brannen, Sial, Cline, SmithSC, GA, NCBlackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry$5,0002017 E-01 Final 1/16/17
2017ExtensionCane vs. Spur Pruning; Considerations for New and Mature VineyardsLockwood, Shelby, Brannen, Eason, MacAllisterTN, GAWine Grape$5,0002017 E-02Final 12/03/18

No-cost extension approved; report due in 2018
2017ExtensionBi-Lingual Demonstration Videos for Strawberry and Blackberry Production in the SE United States McWhirt, Fernandez, Lee, GarciaAR, NCStrawberry, Blackberry$5,0002017 E-03Progress 12/03/18

Progress 12/05/17
2017ExtensionBlackberry School: Blackberry establishment and beyond!Lee, McWhirtARBlackberry$10,0002017 E-04Final 12/12/17
2016ResearchTrialing advanced strawberry selections in the Southern RegionFernandez,  Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Samtani, SmithNC, VA, SCStrawberry$5,000 2016 R-01Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchViability and efficacy of Pierce’s disease resistant Vitis vinifera vines in GeorgiaBrannen, Itle, Eason, LockwoodGA, TNWine Grapes$5,000 2016 R-02Progress 1/03/16
2016ResearchRapid Screening of Muscadine Grapes for Browning and Pigment Profile and Identification of Key Anthocyanins in Selections for Breeding for Stable Juice ColorPerkins-Veazie, Conner, Clark, Ballington, Bland, MaNC, GA, ARMuscadines$5,000 2016 R-03Final 12/05/16
2016ResearchIdentification of differentially expressed genes for mummy berry (Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi) resistance in blueberry*Ashrafi, Cubeta, EhlenfeldtNCBlueberry$5,000 2016 R-04Progress 12/01/17
2016ResearchEvaluation of Rate-Reducing Resistance and Defense Responses in Strawberry Genotypes to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and C. acutatum. Adhikari, LouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2016 R-05Progress 10/27/17
2016Research How different is the epidemiology of grape downy mildew in the Deep South compared with what we think we know from temperate and Mediterranean regions?Scherm, Brannen, HongGAWine Grapes$5,000 2016 R-06Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchBroad mite biology and management on blackberryJohnsonARBlackberry$5,000 2016 R-07Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchPhysiochemical and Post-Harvest Attributes of Blackberries from University of Arkansas Primocane GenotypesThrelfall, Clark, HowardARBlackberry$5,000 2016 R-08

Final 12/17/18

Progress 12/20/16

2016ResearchSeparation of Sugars and Organic Acid Components in Blackberries for Further Characterization of Flavor and QualityClark, YinARBlackberry$5,000 2016 R-09Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchComparison of all registered demethylation inhibitor fungicides for efficacy against mummy berry disease of blueberryBrannenGABlueberry$2,500 2016 R-10Progress 12/13/16
2016ResearchUsing molecular techniques to determine source-sink dynamics of spotted wing drosophila to target management programsDiepenbrock, BurrackNCRaspberry, Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry$5,000 2016 R-11 Progress 1/27/17
2016ResearchComparison of all registered demethylation inhibitor fungicides for efficacy against mummy berry disease of blueberryClineNCBlueberry$2,500 2016 R-12 Final 12/05/16
2016ResearchConsumer Sensory Perception of Quality Attributes of Fresh Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye BlueberriesAdhikari, NeSmith, ItleGABlueberry$5,000 2016 R-14Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchEvaluation of Advanced Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry Breeding Selections for Fruit Quality TraitsItle, NeSmithGABlueberryß$5,000 2016 R-15 Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchExamining effects of three potential mode of action group fungicides among Colletotrichum acutatum and C. gloeosporioides isolates found in VA vineyards.NitaVAWine Grapes$5,000 2016 R-16Progress 12/05/16
2016ResearchDeveloping strategies to use polyoxin D for gray mold control of strawberrySchnabelSCStrawberry$5,000 2016 R-17Final 12/05/16
2016ResearchEffect of Berry Closure Sprays Using Alternative Modes of Action Against Spotted Wing Drosophila in Virginia VineyardsPfeifferVAWine Grapes$5,000 2016 R-18Progress 1/03/16
2016ResearchEffects of abscisic acid and methyl jasmonate on blueberry ripening, postharvest storage and fruit disease incidenceNambeesan, Malladi, SchermGABlueberry$5,000 2016 R-19Progress 1/03/16
2016ResearchFoliar Nitrogen Application in Wine Grapes to Enhance Wine QualityHavlin, Heitman, AustinNCWine Grapes$5,000 2016 R-20Final 12/12/16
2016ExtensionHelping southern strawberry growers control gray mold in light of widespread fungicide resistanceSchnabelSCStrawberry$5,000 2016 E-01Progress 11/15/18

Final 12/05/16
2016ExtensionCordon and Trunk Renewal; Practices for Maintaining Productivity in Mature VineyardsLockwood, BrannenTN, GAWine Grapes$5,000 2016 E-02Final 12/01/16
2016ExtensionExtension of State-Wide Disease Forecasting Models for Anthracnose Ripe Fruit Rot and Botrytis Fruit RotLouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2016 E-03Progress 12/03/18
2016ExtensionBlueberry Pruning VideoSmithGABlueberry$5,000 2016 E-04Progress 1/06/16
2015ResearchAssessing the impact of strawberry clipper in annual strawberry productionBurrack, SamtaniNC, VAStrawberry$5,000 2015-01Final 12/01/17
2015ResearchTrialing advanced strawberry selections in the Southern RegionFernandez, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Samtani, Rollins, SmithNC, VA, SCStrawberry$5,000 2015-02Progress - 12/04/15
2015ResearchMethods for Rapid Screening of Muscadine Grapes for Browning and Pigment ProfilePerkins-Veazie, Conner, Clark, Ballington, MaNC, GA, ARMuscadine$4,980 2015-03Progress - 12/01/15
2015ResearchEvaluation of Harvest Time/Temperature and Storage Temperature on Postharvest Incidence of Red Drupelet Reversion Development and Firmness of BlackberriesClark, SalgadoARBlackberry$5,000 2015-04Progress - 12/02/15
2015ResearchPost-plant nematicidal treatment of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) for management of replant disease caused by Mesocriconema ornatumNoe, Brannen, JagdaleGABlueberry$5,000 2015-05Final - 12/01/15
2015ResearchBroad mite biology and management on blackberryJohnson, GarciaARBlackberry$4,999 2015-06Progress - 12/02/15
2015ResearchDevelopment of practical disease management recommendations for Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry based on late-dormant and post-bloom practicesBrannen, SchermGABlueberry$5,000 2015-07Final - 11/230/15
2015ResearchExamining Postharvest Attributes of Fresh and Frozen Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberries in GeorgiaNeSmith, ItleGABlueberries$5,000 2015-08Progress - 12/02/15
2015ResearchFoliar Nitrogen Application in Wine Grapes to Enhance Wine QualityHavlin, Heitman, AustinNCWine Grapes$5,000 2015-09Progress - 12/01/15
2015ResearchHow different is the epidemiology of grape downy mildew in the Deep South compared with what we think we know from temperate and Mediterranean regions?Scherm, Brannen HongGAWine Grapes$5,000 2015-10Progress -12/02/15
2015ResearchSpecies identification and examining QoI and Captan resistance among Colletotrichum acutatum and C. gloeosporioides isolates found in VA vineyards.NitaVAWine Grapes$4,970 2015-11Progress - 12/02/15
2015ResearchPlanting and Establishment of Wine Grape Variety Trials for Long-Term Benefit to the Georgia and Southeastern US Wine IndustryItle, NeSmith, Coneva, BrannenGAWine Grapes$5,000 2015-12Progress - 12/02/15
2015ResearchScreening Blueberry Seedling Progenies for Pollen Transmission of Blueberry latent virusPesic-VanEsbroeck, Cline, BallingtonNCBlueberry$5,000 2015-13Final - 12/03/15
2015ResearchPrebiotic Carbohydrates in Strawberry and Raspberry as a Food Source to Reduce ObesityThavarajah, Smith, Fernandez, ThavarajahSC, NCStrawberry, Raspberry$5,000 2015-14Progress - 11/04/15
2015ResearchUse of Surround (Kaolin) against Spotted Wing Drosophila in Virginia VineyardsPfeifferVAWine Grapes$5,000 2015-15Final - 12/02/15
2015ResearchEstablishment and growth of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) affected by pine bark and irrigation.SmithGABlueberry$3,000 2015-16Progress - 12/01/15
2015ResearchEvaluation of the effects of photo-selective shading nets on vegetative growth, and fruit growth and quality in southern highbush blueberryMalladi, SmithGABlueberry$5,000 2015-17Progress - 12/13/16

Progress - 12/01/15
2015ResearchDevelopment of a DNA marker for seedlessness in Euvitis Muscadinia hybridsConnerGAMuscadine$4,806 2015-18Final -10/26/15
2015ExtensionDeveloping an E-Book Caneberry Production GuideFernandez, Garcia, LockwoodNC, AR, TNBlackberry, Raspberry$5,000 2015 E-01
2015ExtensionHelping Southern Strawberry Growers Control Gray Mold in Light of Widespread Fungicide ResistanceSchnabel, HuSCStrawberry$5,000 2015 E-02Final - 11/16/15
2015ExtensionDevelopment of a Smartphone Application (app) to Facilitate Implementation of IPM Practices in Strawberry ProductionHu, SchnabelSCStrawberry$5,000 2015 E-03Final - 11/16/15
2014ResearchA proactive approach to understanding insecticide resistance as a strategy for sustainable management of spotted wing drosophilaSial, Burrack, HortonGA, NCblueberry$5,000 2014-01Final - 12/02/14
2014ResearchAssessing the impact of strawberry clipper in annual strawberry productionBurrack, SamtaniNC, VAstrawberry$4,921 2014-02Interim - 12/02/14
2014ResearchOn-farm testing of new fungicide spray regimes for managing Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberryCline, BrannenNC, GAblueberry$5,000 2014-03Final - 12/02/14
2014ResearchEvaluation of algicides for management of orange felt and fungicides for control of cane blight diseases of blackberryBrannen, Taylor, ShealeyGAblackberry$5,000 2014-04Final - 11/21/14
2014ResearchClarifying the disease cycle of Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry, with implications for practical disease managementSchermGAblueberry$5,000 2014-05Progress - 12/02/14
2014ResearchVegetation-free Strip Width in BlackberryJennings, Mitchem, MonksNCblackberry$4,500 2014-06Progress - 12/15/14
2014ResearchManagement of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) replant disease with pine bark soil amendment and pre-plant fumigation.Noe, Brannen, JagdaleGAblueberry$5,000 2014-08Final - 12/02/14
2014ResearchDetermination and inheritance of firmness and texture of the ÒcrispyÓ trait in the Arkansas blackberry breeding programClark, Salgado-RojasARblackberry$5,000 2014-09Final - 12/01/14
2014ResearchEvaluation of lime sulfur and sulforix for control of Exobasidium and Phomopsis diseases of blueberry and vinifera wine grapes, respectivelyBrannen, Holland, MacAllisterGAblueberry, wine grapes$5,000 2014-10Final - 11/21/14
2014ResearchScreening Blueberry Seedling Progenies for Pollen Transmission of Bleberry latent virusPesic-VanEsbroeck, Cline, BallingtonNCblueberry$5,000 2014-11Progress - 12/09/14
2014ResearchHerbicide Weed Control in Annual Plasticulture StrawberriesStrawVAstrawberry$5,000 2014-12Progress - 1/12/14
2014ResearchEvaluation of Cultivars and Trellis Systems for Advanced Season and Low Pesticide Input Table Grape Production under High Tunnels for the Southeast U.S.Garcia, JohnsonARtable grapes$5,000 2014-13Final - 12/03/15

Progress - 12/15/14
2014ResearchIdentifying Marketable Attributes in Arkansas Fresh-Market BlackberriesThrelfall, Clark, HowardARblackberry$5,000 2014-14Final 12/17/18

Progress - 12/02/14
2014ResearchSpatio-temporal distribution and overwintering biology of spotted wing drosophila in GeorgiaÂSial, HortonGAmultiple$5,000 2014-15Progress - 12/02/14
Final - 1/04/16
2014ResearchIdentifying symptoms of micronutrient toxicity under low pH rhizosphere in blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) through high quality imagingPitchay, SmithTN, GAblueberry$5,000 2014-16Progress - 12/08/14
2014ResearchSpecies identification and examining QoI and Captan resistance among Colletotrichum acutatum and C. gloeosporioides isolates found in VA vineyardsNitaVAwine grapes$4,930 2014-17Progress - 12/02/14
2014ResearchEstablishment and growth of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) affected by pine bark and irrigationSmith, E.GAblueberry$5,000 2014-18Progress - 12/02/14
2014ExtensionHelping Southern Strawberry Growers Control Gray Mold in Light of Widespread Fungicide ResistanceSchanbel, Hu, OrtunoSCstrawberry$5,000 2014 E-01Final - 11/21/14
2014ExtensionDouble Pruning in GrapevinesLockwood, BrannenTN, GAwine grape$5,000 2014 E-02Final - 12/09/15

Progress - 12/02/14
2014ExtensionPack N Cool Portable Cooling System for Small Acreage GrowersPerkins, Pattision, MooreNCmultiple$5,000 2014 E-03Final - 12/02/14

List of Materials and Cost - 12/02/14
2014ExtensionPreparing and maintaining field trials for the XIth International Rubus and Ribes SymposiumFernandez et. al.NCblackberry, raspberry$5,000 2014 E-04Report - 11/21/14
2013ResearchSouthern Region Strawberry Variety Testing ProgramPattison, Poling, Johnson, Smith, RollinsNCstrawberry$5,000 2013-01Progress –12/16/13
2013ResearchInfluence of fruit coating on Drosophila suzukii oviposition and development and implications for field useBurrack, SwobodaNCstrawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry$5,000 2013-02Final – 12/03/13
2013ResearchEpidemiological Applications to Manage Anthracnose Crown Rot of Strawberry in the SoutheastLouws, AdhikariNCstrawberry$5,000 2013-03Progress – 11/30/15
2013ResearchPostharvest Evaluation of Small Fruit after Application of Fruit CoatingsPerkins-Veazie, Fernandez, BurrackNCblackberry, blueberry, muscadine, strawberry$5,000 2013-04Final –12/16/13
2013ResearchEvaluation of blueberry (Actinium spp.) cultivars for susceptibility to replant disease associated with ring nematodes (Mesocriconema ornatum).Noe, Brannen, JagdaleGAblueberry$5,000 2013-05Final – 12/16/13
2013ResearchDetermining Optimum Nitrogen Nutrition Management for Off-season High Tunnel Plasticulture Strawberry Production for Arkansas and the SoutheastGarcia, Johnson, KirkpatrickARstrawberry$4,972 2013-06Final – 1/03/14
2013ResearchIdentification of Blueberry mosaic virus vector(s) and analysis of virus distribution and population structure in the United StatesThekke-Veetil, Tzanetakis, Garcia, Schilder, Martin, PolashockARblueberry$5,000 2013-07Report - 12/09/13
2013ResearchDetermination and inheritance of firmness and texture of the 'crispy' trait in the Arkansas blackberry breeding programClark,Salgado-RojasARblackberry$5,000 2013-08Progress –12/09/13
2013ResearchEffects of co-infection with Blueberry red ringspot virus and Phytophthora root rot on symptom severity, plant vigor, and yield in southern highbush blueberryScherm, WillifordGAblueberry$5,000 2013-09Final –12/16/13
2013ResearchEriophyid Mite Management for Suppression of Blueberry Necrotic Ring Blotch Disorder: An Emerging and Significant Disease of Southern Highbush BlueberriesBrannen, HortonGAblueberry$5,000 2013-10Final –11/05/13
2013ResearchVegetation-free Strip Width in BlackberryJennings, Mitchem, MonksNCblackberry$4,500 2013-11Progress –12/18/13
2013ResearchAssessment of Ochratoxin A Contamination in Wines Produced from Vitis vinifera Grapes in the Southeastern U.S.ÂGlenn, Brannen, Lockwood, Nita, BoltonGA, TNwine grape$5,000 2013-12Progress –12/03/13
2013ResearchEvaluation of Preemergence Herbicides for Annual Weed Control in Young Blueberry FieldsCzarnotaGAblueberry$4,000 2013-13Final –1/17/14
2013ResearchCan we use long cane raspberries to advance the season of raspberry production in the southern United States? Phase II. Harvest and post harvest evaluation.Fernandez, Perkins-VeazieNCraspberry$5,000 2013-14Report11/14/13
2013ResearchIn vitro anti/inflammatory potential of phenolics from digested and absorbed Georgia/grown blackberriesPeggGAblackberry$5,000 2013-15Progress - 12/16/13
2013ExtensionHelping southern strawberry growers control gray mold in light of widespread fungicide resistanceSchanbel, Fernandez-OrtunoSCstrawberry$5,000 2013 E-01Progress - 11/25/13
2013ExtensionRegional Coordination of Strawberry Plasticulture Extension ActivitiesPoling, Pattison, Chester-DavisNCstrawberry$5,000 2013 E-02Progress - 1-7-13
2013ExtensionDetermining the Optimum Time for Leaf Sample Southeastern BlueberriesLockwood, Joines, Cline, BrannenTNblueberry$5,000 2013 E-03Progress - 12/16/13

Final - 12/02/14
2013ExtensionDevelopment of a web-interface for grape and apple regional risk assessment systemNita, Yoder, Sforza, Peery, Knight, De WolfVAwine grape$4,934 2013 E-04Progress - 12/16/13

Final - 1/19/16
2013ExtensionBalanced Pruning in Muscadine GrapesSpayd, PolingNCmuscadine$5,000 2013 E-05Final - 12/18/13
2013ExtensionHerbicide Weed Control in Annual Plasticulture StrawberriesStrawVAstrawberry$3,500 2013 E-06Progress - 12/18/13
2012ResearchExobasidium leaf and fruit spot development in southeastern environments and development of initial management strategies with fungicidesBrannen, Scherm, ClineGA,NCBlueberry$5,000 2012-01Final –11/27/12
2012ResearchDetermination of Flower Type and Other Traits in Muscadine Grape Using Molecular MarkersClark, OwensAR, NYMuscadine$5,000 2012-02Progress –11/26/12

Final –12/16/13
2012ResearchOccurrence and distribution of resistance to Elevate and Switch in populations of Botrytis cincerea from strawberries in the CarolinasSchnabel, Fernandez-OrtunoSCStrawberry$5,000 2012-03Final - 10/04/12
2012ResearchIntegrated management of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) replant disease associated with ring nematodes (Mesocriconema spp.).Noe, Brannen, JagdaleGABlueberry$4,000 2012-04Progress –12/04/2012
2012ResearchRefining the use of fruit abscission agents in muscadine grapesMalladi, ConnerGAMuscadine$5,000 2012-05Progress - 12/04/12
2012ResearchPotential impacts of within- and among-species genetic diversity of blueberry pollinatorsTarpy, BurrackNCBlueberry$5,000 2012-06Fianal - 12/04/12
2012ResearchHow Far has Xylella fastidiosa Advanced in Field-Grown Southern Highbush Blueberry Plants with Different Levels of Bacterial Leaf Scorch Severity?SchermGABlueberry$5,000 2012-07Fianal - 12/04/12
2012ResearchDetermining Optimum Date for Foliar Sampling of Primocane-Fruiting Blackberry in the Mid-South- Year 2GarciaARBlackberry$4,969 2012-08Progress - 12/17/12

Final - 12/23/13
2012ResearchVisual and chemical cues attracting rednecked cane borer to primocanesJohnsonARBlackberry$4,996 2012-09Final - 12/04/12
2012ResearchColor Reversion in Fresh Market BlackberriesPerkin-Veazie, FernandezNCBlackberry$4,980 2012-10Progress - 12/04/12
2012ResearchUnderstanding blueberry mosaic diseaseTzanetakis, GarciaARBlueberry$5,000 2012-11Progress - 12/17/12
2012ResearchVegetation-free Strip Width in Young BlackberryMeyers, Mitchem, Jennings, MonksNCBlackberry$5,000 2012-12Progress - 10/25/12
2012ResearchEvaluation of Fusarium crown rot of strawberryLouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2012-13Progress –1/10/13
2012ResearchCan we use long cane raspberries to advance the season of raspberry production in the southern United States?Fernandez, Perkins-VeazieNCRaspberry$5,000 2012-14Progress - 11/26/12
2012ExtensionBalanced Pruning in Muscadine GrapesPoling, SpaydNCMuscadine$5,000 2012 E-01
2012ExtensionDevelopment of a web-based grape and apple disease risk assessment systemNita, Yoder, Sforza, KnightVA, PAGrapes$5,000 2012 E-02Progress - 12/17/12
2012ExtensionFresh Market Muscadine GuideSpayd, Perkins-Veazie, ClineNCMuscadine$2,948 2012 E-03Progress - 12/04/12
2012ExtensionNitrogen Fertilization Strategies for BlackberryLockwoodTNBlackberry$5,000 2012 E-04Progress - 12/17/12

Final - 12/16/13
2011ResearchPredictive model verification and review of utility for initiation of downy mildew fungicide programs for Georgia and North Carolina wine grape vineyardsBrannen, Boudreau, SuttunGA, NCWine Grapes$5,000 2011-01Progress - 11-28-2011
2011ResearchDetermination of Flower Type in Muscadine Grape Using Molecular MarkerClark, OwensARMuscadine$5,000 2011-02Progress - 1-03-2011
2011ResearchManagement of anthracnose fruit and crown rot of strawberry in the SoutheastRahman, LouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2011-03Progress - 12/02/11
2011ResearchIdentification and management of blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) replant disease associated with ring nematodes (Mesocriconema spp.).Noe, Brannen, Jagdale, ClineGA, NCBlueberry$5,000 2011-04Progress - 11-29-2011
2011ResearchImpacts and control of the stink bug complex on caneberries, with emphasis on brown marmorated stink bug, a new invasive speciesPfeifferVARaspberry, Blackberry$5,000 2011-05Progress - 1-03-2011
2011ResearchDetermining optimum date for foliar sampling of primocane fruiting blackberry in the Mid-SouthGarcia, BeamARBlackberry$4,950 2011-06Progress - 12/02/11
2011ResearchIncreasing High Tunnel Strawberry Productivity in the Late Fall and Early Winter with Day Neutral Strawberries and the New Florida Short Day Cv. RadiancePoling, PattisonNCStrawberry$5,000 2011-07Progress - 12/20/2011
2011ResearchPollinator diversity and efficiency in southeastern blueberriesTarpley, Burrack, RogersNCStrawberry$5,000 2011-08Progress -  12/01/11
2011ResearchBlueberry necrotic ring blotch disorder: A new disease of southern highbush blueberriesDeom, Brannen, RobinsonGABlueberry$5,000 2011-09Progress - 11/30/11
2011ResearchEvaluating the effect of Apogee for Control of Runner Growth in Annual Plasticulture Strawberries on Cover Crop and Weed GrowthStraw, JenningsNC, VABlueberry$5,000 2011-10Progress - 12/08/11
2011ResearchEvaluation of postharvest storage potential of muscadine cultivars and advanced breeding lines and development of new muscadine cultivarsConner, MacLeanGABlueberry$5,000 2011-11Final - 11/30/11
2011ResearchIdentification of Viruses in Blackberry Yellow Vein Disease ComplexPesic, TzanetakisNC, ARMuscadine$5,000 2011-12Progress - 11/18/13
2011ResearchUnderstanding blueberry mosaic diseaseTzanetakis and GarciaARBlackberry$5,000 2011-13Progress - 11-14-2011
2011ResearchInvestigating the Transmission of Systemic Southern Highbush Blueberry Diseases Via Softwood CuttingsScherm, HollandGABlueberry$5,000 2011-14Progress - 12/08/11
2011ResearchTargeting postharvest treatments and storage practices for extended marketing of fresh muscadinesPerkins-Veazie, McArtney, FiskNCBlueberry$5,000 2011-15Final - 12/01/11
2011ResearchThe correlation of firmness loss with flavonoid gene expression and pigment synthesis in rabbiteye blueberries (Vaccinium asheiReade)MacLean, NeSmithGAMuscadine$5,000 2011-16Progress - 12/01/11
2011ResearchDevelopment and evaluation of a portable mechanical shaker for blueberryMalladi, NeSmithGABlueberry$5,000 2011-17Progress - 12/072011
2011ExtensionDeveloping a volunteer monitoring network for a new insect pest of small fruitsBurrack, Pfeiffer, SmithNC, VA, SCall small fruit$5,000 2011 E-01Final – 12/01/11
2011ExtensionUpdate the blackberry diagnostic toolFernandezNCblackberry$1,800 2011 E-02Progress - 12/20/11
2011ExtensionEvaluation of novel chemical mowing mixtures for suppression of fescue groundcovers and weed control in southeastern small fruitsArmel, Lockwood, VargasTNwine grapes$4,000 2011 E-03Final - 12/17/12
2011ExtensionHeading height for primocanes and timing of floricane removal in Apache blackberryLockwood, Deyton, Hitch, SmithTNBlackberry$5,000 2011 E-04Progress - 12/06/11

Final –12/04/2012
2011ExtensionDevelopment of a web-based grape disease risk assessment systemNita, Yoder, Sforza, Peery, Knight, De WolfVAWine Grapes$5,000 2011 E-05Progress - 12/02/11
2010ResearchPostharvest Evaluation of Raspberry and Blackberry Selections for Use in Tunnels in Warm Production AreasPerkins-Veazie, Fernandez, Ballington, ClarkNC, ARraspberries, blackberries$5,000 2010-01Final - 12/06/10
2010ResearchSurvey for grapevine leaf roll-associated viruses in Vitis vinifera in Georgia and North CarolinaDeom, Brannen, SuttonGA, NCgrapes$5,000 2010-02Progress - 11/29/10
2010ResearchIdentification of Viruses in Blackberry Yellow Vein Disease ComplexPesic-VanEsbroeck, TzanetakisNC, ARblackberries$5,000 2010-03Progress - 12/13/10
2010ResearchCharacterization and detection of Blueberry necrotic ring blotch associated virus, a new pathogen threatening the blueberry production in the SoutheastTzanetakis, MartinARblueberries$5,000 2010-04Final - 12/06/10
2010ResearchEffect of soil amendments and solarization on plasticulture strawberry growth and yield and soil borne pathogen communities in ArkansasKirkpatrick, Garcia, Johnson, CoxARstrawberries$5,000 2010-05Progress - 12/21/10
2010ResearchSurvey for grapevine leafroll-associated viruses (GLRaVs) and mealy bugs (Pseudococcus spp.) in Vitis vinifera in North CarolinaSutton, BurrackNCgrapes$4,996 2010-06Progress - 11/02/10
2010ResearchEvaluation of Cultivars and Plug Date for Greenhouse Strawberry ProductionDeyton, Kopsell, SamsTNstrawberries$5,000 2010-07Progress - 12/06/10
2010ResearchDeveloping Herbicide Programs for Weed Management in Commercial Blackberry PlantingsMitchem, JenningsNCblackberries$5,000 2010-08Final - 12/09/10
2010ResearchIdentification of molecular markers as a means to expedite raspberry breeding for the Southern RegionFernandez, Ballington, SosinskiNCraspberries$5,000 2010-09Final - 11/12/10
2010ResearchPollinator diversity and efficiency in southeastern blueberriesTarpy, BurrackNCblueberries$5,000 2010-10Progress - 11/30/10
2010ResearchAlternative management tactics for green June beetles in grapeJohnsonARgrapes$4,938 2010-11Final - 12/09/10
2010ResearchExamination of an integrated approach of using composts, summer cover crops, beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and vermicompost for organic and conventional strawberry production in the Southeast.Schroeder‐Moreno, FernandezNCstrawberries$5,000 2010-12Progress - 12/06/10
2010ResearchEvaluation of Apogee for Control of Runner Growth in Annual Plasticulture StrawberriesStrawVAstrawberries$5,000 2010-13Progress - 12/06/10
2010ResearchEvaluation of ethylene emission and fruit detachment characteristics in rabbiteye blueberry varietiesMalladi, NeSmithGAblueberries$5,000 2010-14Progress - 12/06/10
2010ResearchReducing microbiological safety risk on blueberry through innovative washing technologiesHungGAblueberries$5,000 2010-15Progress - 11/02/10
2010ProgramFostering Strawberry Gardens in SchoolyardsDriscoll, FernandezNCstrawberries$1,000 NAProgress - 12/09/10
2010ExtensionDeveloping a volunteer monitoring network for a new insect pest of small fruitsBurrack, Pfeiffer, SmithNC, VA, SCall small fruit$5,000 2010 E-01Progress - 12/06/10
2010ExtensionPetiole analysis for bunch grapes in the southeastLockwood, Joines, Kissel, Havlin, SpadeTN, GA, NCgrapes$5,000 2010 E-02Progress - 12/06/10

Final - 12/09/11
2010ExtensionUse of internet and DVDs to deliver blueberry updates and production information to producersBrannen, McGriffGAblueberries$5,000 2010 E-03Progress - 11/29/10
2009ResearchPathogenicity of ring nematodes: an emerging pest of blueberries (Vaccinium spp.)Brannen, Jagdale, Noe, ClineGA, NCBlueberries$5,000 2009-01Progress - 12/01/09

Update - 01/26/10
2009ResearchManagement of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides crown rot of strawberry in the nursery and fruiting field in the SoutheastRahman, LouwsNCStrawberries$5,000 2009-02Final - 01/26/10
2009ResearchThrips prevalence and management in southeastern blackberriesBurrack, FernandezNCBlackberries$5,000 2009-03Progress - 01/05/10
2009ResearchPostharvest evaluation of raspberry and blackberry selections for use in tunnels in warm production areasPerkins-Veazie, Fernandez, Ballington, ClarkNC, ARRaspberries, Blackberries$5,000 2009-04Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchRaspberry breeding for the southern regionFernandez, Ballington, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, SosinskiNCRaspberries$5,000 2009-05Progress - 12/01/09
2009ResearchUtilizing diverse strawberry germplasm for developing genetic improvement strategies for the southeastern United StatesPattison, Ballington, Brown, PolingNCStrawberries$5,000 2009-06
2009ResearchVirus elimination from Arkansas blackberry breeding linesClark, Tzanetakis, MartinARBlackberries$5,000 2009-07Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchAlternative management tactics for green June beetles in grapeJohnsonARWine Grapes$5,000 2009-08Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchEnhancement of bramble production in the southeastern U.S. through micropropagation, virus-indexing, and field evaluation for trueness-to-typePesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballington, Fernandez, TzanetakisNC, ARRaspberries, Blackberries$5,000 2009-09Progress - 12/01/09
2009ResearchEstimated costs and returns of producing, harvesting and marketing strawberries produced in high tunnels in the southeastern United StatesSafley, Ballington, Poling, PattisonNCStrawberries$5,000 2009-10
2009ResearchPhotoperiod manipulations to optimize early season fruit production with a short day strawberry cultivar in high tunnelsPolingNCStrawberries$5,000 2009-11Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchPostharvest control of decay organisms in muscadine grapesMacLean, ConnerGAMuscadines$4,250 2009-12Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchCharacterization of the anti-inflammatory properties of Georgia-grown blackberries (Rubus spp.)PeggGABlackberries$4,999 2009-13Progress - 01/05/10
2009ResearchAntifeedants, repellants, organic controls and clarified injury status for plant-feeding bugs, scarab beetles and thrips on caneberriesPfeifferVARaspberries, Blackberries$5,000 2009-14Progress - 01/05/10
2009ResearchThe likelihood and rate of human norovirus transfer to small fruits during handlingCannonGAStrawberries, Raspberries, Wine Grapes, Blueberries$5,000 2009-15Progress - 01/05/10
2009ResearchHigh resolution geographical information system for assessing vineyard site suitabilityWolf, BoyerVAWine Grapes$5,000 2009-16Progress - 01/05/10
2009ResearchEvaluation of rabbiteye blueberry cultivars and selections for fruit abscission characteristicsMalladi, NeSmithGABlueberries$5,000 2009-17Progress - 12/01/09

Final - 9/01/10
2009ResearchEffect of biofumigation and solarization on strawberry plant growth and yield under three different climatic conditions in ArkansasGarcia, Kirkpatrick, JohnsonARStrawberries$5,000 2009-18Progress - 01/26/10

Final - 01/26/10
2009ResearchEvaluation of apogee for control of runner growth in annual plasticulture strawberriesStrawVAStrawberries$5,000 2009-19Progress - 01/26/10
2009ResearchEvaluation of Vitis vinifera grape cultivars and clones for the Southern regionSpayd, PhisterNCWine Grapes$5,000 2009-20Progress - 01/26/10
2009ExtensionWeb-based in-service agent training modules in disease management and diagnosisLouwsNCStrawberries$5,000 2009 E-01Progress - 12/06/10
2009ExtensionEducating, testing and evaluating an online decision support system for strawberry frost/freeze protectionBrooks, PolingNCStrawberries$5,000 2009 E-02Progress - 12/18/10
2009ExtensionEvaluation and cost benefit analysis of chemical mowing strategies for fescue grass groundcovers in Southeast small fruitsArmel, LockwoodTNBlueberries, Wine Grapes$5,000 2009 E-03Final 01/05/10

Chemical Mowing(Tables)- 01/05/10
2009ExtensionRevised enterprise cost analysis of rabbiteye blueberries and southern highbush blueberries in soil in GeorgiaFonsah, KrewerGABlueberries$5,000 2009 E-04Progress - 01/05/10

Final - 11/02/11
2008ResearchRaspberry breeding for the southern regionFernandez, Ballington, Pesic-VanEsbroeckk Sosinski, Lockwood, Deyton, PattisonRaspberries$5,000 2008-01AProgress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEvaluation of advanced blueberry selections for regional adaptation and mechanical harvest potentialNeSmith, ClineBlueberries$2,500 2008-02Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEvaluation of self- and cross-fertility and increased heat tolerance of primocane-fruiting blackberry genotypesClark, GarciaBlackberries$4,312 2008-03Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchBlueberry red ringspot virus: prevalence in Georgia and North Carolina and yield losses associated with the diseaseScherm, Brannen, ClineBlueberries$5,000 2008-04Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEpidemiological significance of Colletotrichum gloesporioides infestation of nursery plants on crown rot of strawberry in the SoutheastRahman, LouwsStrawberries$5,000 2008-05Progress - 12/23/08

Finial – 01/26/10
2008ResearchEnhancement of bramble production in the southeastern U.S. through micropropagation, virus-indexing, and field evaluation for trueness-to-typePesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballington, FernandezBlackberries, Raspberries$5,000 2008-06Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchUtilizing diverse strawberry germplasm for developing genetic improvement strategies for the southeastern United StatesPattison, Poling, BallingtonStrawberries$5,000 2008-07Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEvaluation of cultivars, plug establishment date, and plant spacing for greenhouse strawberry productionDeyton, Sams, TakedaStrawberries$5,000 2008-08Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchVector and transmission investigations for blueberry red ringspot virus in the SoutheastCline, Burrack, KennedyBlueberries$4,923 2008-09Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchAlternative management tactics for green June beetles in grapeJohnsonWine Grapes$4,998 2008-10Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchThrips prevalence and management in southeastern blackberriesBurrack, FernandezBlackberries$5,000 2008-11Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEnhancing the productivity and fruit quality of forced strawberries through manipulation oflight quality in high tunnels in the 2nd yearDufaultStrawberries$5,000 2008-12Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchAntifeedants, repellants, and organic controls for plant-feeding bugs, Japanese beetle and green June beetle on caneberriesPfeifferBlackberries, Raspberries$5,000 2008-13Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchDevelopment of methods to reduce ground drops during mechanicablueberry harvestKrewer, Takeda, AndrewsBlueberries$5,000 2008-14Progress - 01/05/09
2008ResearchAgricultural water quality and transfer of foodborne pathogens in grapes and strawberriesPhister, FiskStrawberries, Muscadines$5,000 2008-15Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchA preliminary survey of bacterial leaf corch of blueberry in GeorgiaBrannen, ChangBlueberries$5,000 2008-16Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEvaluation of potential synergistic combinations of synthetic herbicides and/or biofumigants for weed control in small fruitsArmel, Sams, Deyton, StriblingBlackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries$5,000 2008-17Progress - 12/23/08

2008ResearchBlueberry shelf life prediction and postharvest diseases detection using the electronic noseLi, KrewerBlueberries$5,000 2008-18Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchExploring banker plant systems for IPM of off-season greenhouse strawberry productionSams, Deyton, HaydenStrawberries$5,000 2008-19Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchEstimated costs and returns of producing, harvesting and marketing raspberries in the southeastern United StatesSafley, FernandezRaspberries$5,000 2008-20Progress - 12/23/08
2008ResearchPruning management for primocane-fruiting blackberry production in hightunnels in ArkansasRom, GarciaBlackberries$5,000 2008-21Progress - 05/19/09
2008ExtensionUse of Dura-Line monofilament as a replacement for high-tensile wire in trellis construction and netting support with small fruit crops (Running Tally: $5,000)Lockwood, Wills, Honea, StriblingTNBlackberries, Raspberries, Wine Grapes$5,000 2008 E-01Progress - 12/23/08

Progress - 12/15/09

Final - 12/05/10
2008ExtensionDevelopment and publishing of IPM-based management of the major plant pathogens of strawberry: an extension project. (Running Tally: $10,000)LouwsNCStrawberries$5,000 2008 E-02Progress - 12/23/08
2008ExtensionFrost/freeze advisories for southern region strawberry growers (Running Tally: $13,000)PolingNCStrawberries$3,000 2008 E-03Progress - 12/23/08
2008ExtensionWeed management practices used in blueberry production: a survey of blueberry growers in North Carolina (Running Tally: $15,500)Coneybeer, Jennings, MonksNCBlueberries$2,500 2008 E-04Progress - 12/23/08
2007ResearchInactivation of Pathogens by Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide to Enhance the Safety of Small FruitsZhong, Golden, SandeepTN, NCAll (strawberries)$5,000 2007-01Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchRaspberry Breeding for the southern regionFernandez, Ballington, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, SosinskiNCRaspberry$5,000 2007-02Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchIdentifying critical temperature ranges of strawberry flower buds and blossoms for different types of cold conditions and seasonal growth stagesPolingNCStrawberry$5,000 2007-03Progress - 01/03/08

Progress - 12/23/08
2007ResearchEnhancement of bramble production in the southeastern US through micropropagation, virus-indexing, and field evaluation for trueness-to-typePesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballington, FernandezNCBlackberry, Raspberry$5,000 2007-04Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchDetection and management of anthracnose in strawberry production in the southeastLouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2007-05Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluation of frozen fruit of rabbiteye blueberries and interspecific rabbiteye hybrids for consumer acceptanceBallington, BoydNCBlueberry$5,000 2007-06Progress - 01/03/08

Final - 12/23/08
2007ResearchEnhancing the Productivity and Fruit Quality of Forced Strawberries Through Manipulation of Light Quality in High TunnelsDufaultSCStrawberry$4,795 2007-07Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchBiodegradable films as an alternative to plastic mulch in strawberry productionSmith, Deyton, SamsTNStrawberry$5,000 2007-08Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluating protected culture of season extension of strawberriesPattison, WolfVAStrawberry$5,000 2007-09Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluation of Southern Highbush Blueberry Advanced Selections for Mechanical Harvesting for Fresh Market SalesNeSmithGABlueberry$5,000 2007-10Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluation of cultivars, plug establishment, and plant spacing for greenhouse strawberry productionDeyton, Sams, TakedaTNStrawberry$5,000 2007-11Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchAntifeedants, repellants, and organic controls for plant-feeding bugs, Japanese beetle and green June beetle on caneberriesPfeifferVABlackberry, Raspberry$5,000 2007-12Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchUse of soil fumigants and foliar-applied phosphites to overcome replant disorders of blueberryBrannen, NeSmithGABlueberry$5,000 2007-13Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluation of V-10142 herbicide in strawberryJennings, MonksNCStrawberry$2,500 2007-14Progress - 01/03/08
2007ResearchEvaluation of herbicides for yellow and purple nutsedge control in blackberry fieldsCzarnotaGABlackberry$1,000 2007-15Progress - 01/03/08
2007ExtensionMulti-disciplinary expansion of an on-line insecticide/acaricide label reference site for southeastern cropsHorton GA All $4,000 2007-16Progress - 01/3/08
2007ExtensionAssistance for small fruit extension programs in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and VirginiaHassell, Smith SC All $2,500 2007-17
2007ExtensionMethods of Soil Acidification in BlueberriesLockwood, Wills, Honea TN Blueberry $5,000 2007-18Progress - 01/03/08

Progress - 12/15/09

Final - 12/06/10
2006ResearchRaspberry Breeding for the Southern RegionFernandez, Ballington, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, SosinskiNCRaspberry$5,000 2006-01Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchAntifeedants, Repellants, and Organic Controls for Tarnished Plant Bug and Japanese Beetle on CaneberriesPfeifferVARaspberry, Blackberry$5,000 2006-02Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchEnhancement of Bramble Production in the Southeastern U.S. Through Micropropagation, Virus-Indexing, and Field Evaluation for Trueness-to-TypePesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballington, FernandezNCRaspberry, Blackberry$5,000 2006-03Progress - 01/22/07
2006ResearchThe Effect of Increased Nitrogen and Potassium Levels within the Sap of Strawberry Leaf Petioles on Overall Yield and Quality of Strawberry Fruit as Affected by CultivarHassell, PolingSC, NCStrawberry$5,000 2006-04Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchParaphlepsius irroratus: A Potential Vector of Xylella fastidiosa, the Cause of Pierce's Disease of Grapes?Sutton, AbadNCWine Grape$4,981 2006-05Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchUse of Phosphite Materials for Control of Pythium Species in High-Density Blueberry Production SystemsBrannen, NeSmithGABlueberry$5,000 2006-06Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchMummy Berry Control in Organic BlueberriesSchermGABlueberry$4,500 2006-07Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchPomace: Waste or Valuable Resource?Gwinn, OwnleyTNWine Grape$5,000 2006-08Progress - 01/22/07
2006ResearchEastern Piedmont Wine Grape Cultivar EvlautionWolf, PattisonVAWine Grape$5,000 2006-09Progress - 01/22/07
2006ResearchEvaluation of Herbicides for Yellow and Purple Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus and C. rotundus) and Annual Sedge (Cyperus spp.) Control in Young Blackberry FieldsCzarnotaGABlackberry$2,000 2006-10Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchEvaluating Protected Culture for Season Extension of Small FruitsPattison, WolfVAStrawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry$5,000 2006-11Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchDetection and Management of Anthracnose in Strawberry Production in the SoutheastLouwsNCStrawberry$5,000 2006-12Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchHorizontal Wells for Irrigation Supply for BlueberriesHawkins, KrewerGABlueberry$5,000 2006-13Progress - 01/16/07

Progress - 04/08/08

Final - 1-12-11
2006ResearchHorticulture and Economic Evaluation of Early Ripening Rabbiteyes for Local Sales and Distant ShippingKrewer, FonsahGABlueberry$5,000 2006-14Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchEvaluation of Fruit Cracking and Berry Firmness in Rabbiteye Blueberry GermplasmNeSmithGABlueberry$4,500 2006-15Progress - 01/16/07
2006ResearchDendrometers to Measure Water Status and Schedule Irrigation for Small Fruit CropsRiegerGABlueberry, Muscadine$4,850 2006-16Progress - 01/16/07
2005ResearchPierce's disease risk zones in the southeast Sutton, BrannenNC, GAGrape$4,951
2005ResearchThe effect of increased nitrogen and potassium levels within the sap of strawberry leaf petioles on overall yield and quality of strawberry fruit as affected by cultivar Hassell, PolingSC, NCStrawberry$5,000
2005ResearchDevelopment of a raspberry program for the southern region Fernandez, Ballington, Pesic-VanEsbroeckNCRaspberry$5,000
2005ResearchIrrigation scheduling for small fruit cropsRiegerGAMultiple$5,000
2005ResearchEvaluation of herbicides for yellow and purple nutsedge and annual sedges control in young blueberry fields Czarnota,  MonksGA, NCBlueberry$4,000
2005ResearchEvaluation of floating row covers containing micro-encapsulated phase-change chemicals for frost protection of strawberries Sams, DeytonTNStrawberry$5,000
2005ResearchComparison of runner-tip production among classes of certified nursery stocks of strawberry cultivars Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballingtton, FernandezNCStrawberry$5,000
2005ResearchDevelopmnet of improved methods of replanting blueberries in established fields Krewer, FonsahGABlueberry$4,379
2005ResearchEvaluation of wintertime sprays of soybean oil to delay flower bud phenology and thin fruit of rabbiteye and southern highbush blueberries Deyton,  Sams, Lockwood,  BallingtonTN, NCBlueberry$5,000
2005ResearchEvaluation of stinger herbicide carryover potential in spring planted vegetable crops Jennings, CulpepperGA, NCStrawberry, Vegetables$5,000
2005ResearchEvaluation of fruit cracking in rabbiteye blueberry germplasm NeSmithGABlueberry$4,000
2005ResearchManagement methods for escaped climbing annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in commercial grape productionRobinson, LockwoodTNGrape$5,000
2005ResearchSource of mites and mite management in plant production and grower training for strawberry plant and fruit producers in the southern region SorensenNCStrawberry$4,952
2005ResearchMeasuring sub-lethal effects of honey bee parasites on rabbiteye blueberry pollination DelaplaneGABlueberry$5,000
2005ExtensionEstimated costs and returns of producing, harvesting and marketing blackberries in the south region of the United States Fernandez, SafleyNCBlackberries$3,000
2005ExtensionWildlife damage control in small fruitplantings Lockwood, Straw,  Wills,  HoneaTNMultiple$5,000 Progress – 12/01/06

Progress - 01/03/08

Final - 12/23/08
2005ExtensionStrawberry Weed ControlStrawTNStrawberry$5,000
2004ResearchIrrigation scheduling for small fruit crops RiegerGA$3,800
2004ResearchComparison of runner-tip production among classes of certified nursery stocks of strawberry cultivars Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Ballington, FernandezNC$5,000
2004ResearchVirus study in blackberry Fernandez, Pesic-VanEsbroeckNC$5,000
2004ResearchThe effect of increased nitrogen and potassium levels within the sap of strawberry leaf petioles on overall yield and quality of strawberry fruit as affected by cultivar Hassell, PolingSC$5,000  
2004ResearchBiology and management of anthracnose in strawberry production in the southeast Louws NC$5,000
2004ResearchOff-season strawberry productionStrawTN$5,000
2004ResearchEnterprise cost analysis for rabbiteye blueberries, southern highbush blueberries in soil and southern highbush blueberries high density in pine bark beds Fonsah, KrewerGA$5,000 2nd Year - 11/15/2005
2004ResearchIdentifying the limiting factor for effective pollination period and fruit set of rabbiteye blueberries NeSmithGA$3,800
2004ResearchEvaluation of herbicides for yellow and purple nutsedge and annual sedges in young blueberry fields CzarnotaGA$4,000
2004ResearchEvaluation of winterrtime sprays of soybean oil to delay flower bud phenology and thin fruit of rabbiteye and southern highbush blueberriesDeyton, SamsTN$5,000
2004ResearchEvaluation of floating row covers containing micro-encapsulated phase-change chemicals for frost protection of strawberries. 

Figure 1

Figure 2 
Sams, DeytonTN$5,000
2004ResearchOptimization of chitosan coatings to extend shelf life of fresh fruitsZivanoic, Mount, Draughton, SamsTN $5,000
2004ExtensionSmall fruit extension programs in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee Monks, SchultheisNC2,000
2004ExtensionStrawberry tip production StrawTN5,000
2004ExtensionDiagnostic tool for eastern U.S. blackberries Fernandez, Pesic-VanEsbroeckNC3,000
2003ResearchValidating grape disease forecast models for the southeast Bost/HaleTN$1,691
2003ResearchProduction of a comprehensive pest mamnagement guide for small fruitsBrannenGA$5,000 Progress – 12/02/05
2003ResearchAlternative frost/freeze protection systems for strawberry production Buchanan et al.TN$4,500
2003ResearchEvaluation of wintertime sprays of soybean oil to bloom and thin rabbiteye and southern highbush blueberries Deyton et al.TN$5,000
2003ResearchThe abatement of an emerging epidemic in cultivated blackberry; Phase 2 FernandezNC$5,000
2003ResearchAn alternative systems approach to blackberry production Lockwood et al.TN$5,000 Update – 12/05/05

Update – 12/01/06

Update - 01/03/08
2003ResearchEffective pollination period of rabbiteye blueberry NeSmithGA$4,800
2003ResearchEstimating costs of producing, harvesting and blackberries in the southeastern US Safley/FernandezNC$5,000
2003ResearchEffects of the plant defense activators actigard and messenger on phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of blueberry fruit Scherm/RileyGA/SC$4,000
2003ResearchEvaluation of reduced sensitivity of Phytophthora cactorum isolates from the southeast to mefenoxam Schnabel et al.SC$5,000
2003ResearchBiological control of spider mites and armyworms of strawberries grown under row covers for fall and winter production Shepard et al.SC$4,875
2003ResearchCross-pathogenicity to wine grape of Xylella fastidiosa cultures isolated from native vegetation SuttonNC$4,782
2003ResearchEdible chitosan coatings as novel effective biopesticides Zivanovic et al.TN$5,000
2002ResearchA progress repoort - Importance of Pathogens Associated with Roots of Strawberry Transplants 12-15-03 Research funded in 2002 but completed in 2003 Louws
2002ResearchProgress Report for Research Funding Scherm, Boozer 
2002ResearchSRSFC FINAL REPORT - Identification of the source of Phytophthora cactorum infections in strawberry fieldsSchnabel, Huang, Layne, Jeffers
2002ResearchVirus Detection and Elimination in Blackberry Cultivars Grown in the Mid South, Mid Atlantic and Southeastern United StatesFernandez, Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Tania Guzman (Cooperators: Clark, Stiles, Schnabel, Gegerich)
2002ResearchProgress Report: Identification of reservoir hosts for the Pierce's disease bacterium (Xylella fastidiosa) in winegrape production areas of North CarolinaSutton, Harrison
2002ResearchMite Management in Nurseries and Production FieldsSorensen
2002ResearchEvaluation of Southern Highbush Blueberry Plants Derived from Tissue Culture and Conventional Rooted CuttingsNeSmith, Cline