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Regional Experts

Our regional experts are researchers and extension specialists in the field associated with the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium. They are employed by the universities sponsoring the consortium and share their valuable knowledge with us, so you can be more productive.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact one of our regional experts.

Auburn University

Doug Chapman All small fruit crops Elina Coneva Small Fruits and Grape Production Chip East Small Fruit Jim Jacobi Plant Disease Diagnostics Jacob Kelley Small Fruit Horticulture David Lawrence Small Fruit Horticulture Camila Rodrigues Food Safety Jay Spiers Small Fruit Crops Edgar Vinson Fruit production specialist Kristin Woods Food safety

LSU AgCenter

Mary Helen Ferguson blueberry and strawberry Kiki Fontenot Vegetable Crops and Strawberries Stuart Gauthier  Regional Horticulture Specialists Charlie Graham Fruit Crops and Pecans Kerry Heafner Regional Horticulture Specialists Sara Shields Regional Horticulture Specialists Raj Singh Pathology Ron Strahan Weed Control Mark Wilson Northwest Regional Horticulture Agent

NC State University

Hamid Ashrafi Blueberries Roger Batts IR-4 Field Research Center Hannah Burrack Insect Management (Small Fruits, Specialty Crops, and Tobacco) Bill Cline Blueberries Zvezdana Pesic-Van Esbroeck Strawberries Gina Fernandez  Brambles and Strawberries Mark Hoffmann Extension and research in grape, muscadine and strawberry production systems Massimo Iorizzo Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries Katie Jennings Weed Management Frank Louws Diseases Mike Mainland Blueberry and Muscadine Wayne Mitchem Weed Management David Monks Weed Management Penny Perkins Postharvest Handling

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Antonius B Baudoin Fruit pathology James C. Bergh Fruit entomology Douglas G Pfeiffer Fruit entomology Mizuho Nita Grape Pathologist Jayesh Samtani Small Fruit Production Specialist Tony Wolf Grapes

University of Arkansas

Matthew Bertucci Sustainable and organic small fruit production Aaron Cato Fruit and vegetable IPM specialist John R. Clark Plant Breeding Blackberries, blueberries Amanda McWhirt Fruit and vegetable production specialist Ron Rainey Risk Management Ples Spradley Pesticide Assessment Margaret Worthington Blackberries and muscadines

The University of Georgia

Koushik Adhikari Sensory quality of small fruits and juices Zilfina Rubio Ames Small fruits Brett Blaauw Insects Phillip Brannen Fruit Pathology – Extension Patrick J. Conner muscadine cultivars W. Florkowski Agricultural Economics Greg Fonsah Agricultural Economics Bill Hurst Food Science Rachel Itle Production and genetics of small fruit Anish Malladi Blueberries Savithri Nambeesan Postharvest physiology of small fruit Jonathan Oliver Fruit Pathologist Chad Paton Nutrition and human health (blueberries) Harald Scherm Blueberry Diseases Ash Sial Entomology