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Mississippi Blueberry Workshops


The Mississippi State University Extension Service will be hosting two workshops for blueberry growers in 2023. An in-person workshop on January 24th and a virtual workshop on January 26th.
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Early performance of newly released blueberry cultivars with improved fruit quality characteristics

Newly released rabbiteye blueberry cultivar ‘Krewer’ with improved characteristics grown at the CREC, Alabama, 2021

Elina Coneva1, Ebrahiem Babiker2, Eric Stafne3, Sushan Ru1, Melba Salazar-Gutierrez1, Camila Rodrigues1, and Edgar Vinson1, 1Auburn University, 2USDA-ARS, 3MSU ‘Titan’ and ‘Krewer’ (Fig. 1 A,B) are two new blueberry cultivar releases from the University of Georgia breeding program are reported to produce large berries. Their fruit size is reported to…
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The southward spread of spotted lanternfly

Adult spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula (White), is an invasive pest that is being watched closely in many states – not only the states with current infestations, but also areas where the insect is likely to show up next, or those with the most vulnerable crops.
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Strawberries: Late planting – What now?

Planting date, pre-plant soil and bed preparation and plant quality are the three important pillars that make the foundations for a successful crop. There is still time to enhance plant growth, even if you are a few weeks late on planting.
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