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Sponsored Research and Extension Projects

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Title P.I.(s) Lead State(s) Crop(s) Amount Project# Report(s)
Determining the impact of early and late summer broad mite infestations and evaluating new products for potential registration Cato, Aaron AR Blackberry $5,000 2020 R-01 Progress
Entomopathogenic nematodes as an alternative management strategy for grape root borer Blaauw, Brett; Shapiro-Ilan, David GA Grape $5,000 2020 R-02 Report
Evaluation of HydroShield to manage sour rot in wine grapes Hickey; Villani; Kaiser; Brannen; Wolf; Hoffman; Nita GA Grape $5,000 2020 R-03 Report
Efficacy and crop safety of untested fungicides for diseases of muscadine grape Brannen, Phillip / Cline, Bill GA / NC Muscadine $2,500/$2,5000 2020 R-04a/b Final
Identifying flavor and aroma attributes of Arkansas fresh-market blackberries that impact marketability Threfall, Renee; Clark, John; Worthington, Margaret; Howard, Luke AR Blackberry $5,000 2020 R-05 Final
Investigating the prevalence of QoI-resistant anthracnose fruit rot on blueberry in Georgia and evaluating fungicides for disease management Oliver, Jonathan GA Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-06 Progress
Determining the distribution of broad mite infestations in the southeast and evaluating biological control options Burrack, Hannah NC Blackberry $5,000 2020 R-07 Report
Strawberry crop performance following anaerobic soil disinfestation using brewer's spent grain and yeast inoculation Samtani, Jayesh; Butler, David VA Strawberry $5,000 2020 R-08 Report
Rotating Cross Arm Trellis for Southeastern Blackberry McWhirt, Threfall, Cato AR Blackberry $5,000 2020 R-09 Report
Optimizing texture assessment for muscadine grape breeding Worthington, Margaret; Chizk, Mason; Threfall, Renee; Clark, John AR Muscadine $5,000 2020 R-10 Report
Investigating the potential of disease resistant Vitis vinifera (European Grape) progeny for the southeast Coneva, Elina; Hickey, Cain; Conner, Kassie AL Grape $5,000 2020 R-11 Report
Grape trunk disease survey in North Carolina and Georgia Mark Hoffmann; Hickey, Cain; Villani, Sara; Brannen, Phil; Johnson, Mack NC Grape $5,000 2020 R-12 Final
Determining uptake of nitrate vs ammonium nitrogen in blueberry Malladi, Anish; Cabrera, Miguel GA Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-13 Abstract | Progress
Metabolite anaylsis to identify markers for higher fruit firmness and longer shelf-life in southern highbush and rabbiteye blueberry Nambeesan, Savithri; Scherm, Harald GA Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-14 Abstract | Report
Efficacy and crop safety of minimal-input disease management of Pierce's disease tolerant hybrids Brannen, Phillip; Hickey, Cain GA Grape $5,000 2020 R-15 Report
Evaluation of a rooting protocol for hardwood cuttings of muscadine grapes Worthington, Margaret; Buck, Kenneth; Conner, Patrick; Bloodworth, Jeff AR Muscadine $5,000 2020 R-16 Report
Evaluate ethephon and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) as ripening aid for blueberry Nambeesan, Savithri; Malladi, Anish; Allen, Renee GA Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-17 Abstract | Progress
Comparing soil moisture sensors and their effectiveness in blueberry soils Liakos, Vasileios; Porter, Wesley; Smith, Erick GA Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-18 Progress
Evaluation of Chilling Hour Requirements of 16 blueberry Accessions collected from Florida Ashrafi, Hamid; Aryal, Rishi NC Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-19
Evaluation of Advanced Selections, Southern and Northern Highbush Blueberries for Self- and Cross-Fertility Rishi Aryal; Ashrafi, Hamid NC Blueberry $5,000 2020 R-20 Final
Increasing lateral branching of primocane-fruiting blackberry with 6-benzyladenine & GA3 Kon, Thomas; Fernandez, Gina NC Blackberry $5,000 2020 R-21 Progress
Assessing limitations for use of fludioxonil for anthracnose disease control in small fruits Schnabel, Guido SC Small Fruits $5,000 2020 R-22
Effect of bacterial endophyte treatments on strawberry growth and yield Samtani, Jayesh; Mei, Chuansheng VA Strawberry $5,000 2020 R-23 Report


Title P.I.(s) Lead State(s) Crop Amount Project# Report(s)
Development of a phenology-based muscadine management poster for extension agents and muscadine industry stakeholders in the SE US Hickey, Cain; Hoffman, Mark; Cline, Bill; Threlfall, Renee; Worthington, Margaret; Brannen, Phil; Lockwood, David; Conner; McWhirt; Blaauw; Burrack; Coneva; Cato GA Muscadine $5,000 2020 E-01
Poster Calendar of Annual Pasiticulture Strawberry Production for the Southeast McWhirt, Cato, Hoffman, Schnabel, Samtani, Fontenot AR Strawberry $5,000 2020 E-02 Progress
Developing a southern small fruit podcast Cato, Aaron AR Small Fruit $5,000 2020 E-03 Progress
Development of consumer education resources for muscadine products and health benefits for Extension programming Deborah McGiffin NC Muscadine $5,000 2020 E-04  Report
Improving extension capacity to assist southern regional small fruit growers with marketing Woods; Kristin, Dunn, Laurel; Burkett, Kevin AL Small Fruit $5,000 2020 E-05 Progress
Distributing printed copies of the 2019 Southeastern Muscadine production guide in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Mark Hoffmann; Hickey, Cain; Cline, Bill; Burrack, Hannah; Rollins, Andy; Brannen, Phil NC Muscadine $3,500 2020 E-06 Final
Demonstrating the impact of Brassica cover crops on soil management and poant health and quality in small fruit plantings in the Mid-South Hansen, Zach; Butler, David; Bumgarner, Natalie; Lockwood, David; Rose, Melody; Sykes, Virginia TN Small Fruit $5,000 2020 E-07 Progress
Development of a regional fungicide resistance testing service for DMIs and QoI's using both conventional and molecular methods Ali, Emran; Brannen, Phillip GA Small Fruit $5,000 2020 E-08 Progress
Creating images and a diagnostic guide for southeastern strawberry production, and updating MyIPM strawberry galleries Dowling, Madeline SC Strawberry $5,000 2020 E-09
Weed control strategies in blackberry production Strahan, Ron; Gauthier, Stuart LA Blackberry $5,000 2020 E-10 Progress
Development of weed identification, herbicide injury, and herbicide recommendations for the MyIPM app decision aid for growers of small fruit and tree and vine crops Katie Jennings; Sims, Kira NC Small Fruit $5,000 2020 E-11 Progress

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