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Sponsored Research and Extension Projects

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Title P.I.(s) Lead State(s) Crop(s) Amount Project# Report(s)
Strawberry Plasticulture Variety Trial Smith, Eric, Brannen, Phil, Dawson, Josh, Cook, Jeff GA Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-01  
Screening Strawberries for resistance to Anthracnose crown (Colletrotrichum gloesporiodes) fruit rot (C. acutatum) Fernandez, Gina, Louws, Frank and Adhikari, Tika NC Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-02  
Integrated Systems for managing soil-borne diseases in strawberry production in North Carolina Louws, Frank and Adhikari, Tika NC Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-03  
Disease and weed control efficacy of anaerobic soil disinfestation using brewer's spent grain and yeast inoculation Samtani, Jayesh, Johnson, Charles, and Butler, David VA Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-04  
Managing vigor of Blackberry with prohexadione calcium: Effects on primocane and floricane development Kon, Thomas et al. NC Blackberry $5,000 2019 R-05  
Identifying Consumer Sensory Attributes of Arkansas Fresh-Market Blackberries that Impact Marketability Threlfall, Renee, Clark, John, and Worthington, Margaret AR Blackberry $5,000 2019 R-06  
Investigation of mechanized fruit zone leaf removal on crop yield and fruit composition in Vitis vinifera cv. 'Chardonnay' and 'Merlot' Hoffmann, Mark et al. GA Grape $5,000 2019 R-07  
Optimizing texture assessment for muscadine grape breeding Worthington, Margaret, Threlfall, Renee, Clark, John and Conner, Patrick AR Grape $4,400 2019 R-08  
Multi user testing of a pocket acidity refractometer (PAM) as a rapid means to determine titratable acidity in small fruits Perkins-Veazie, Penelope et al. NC Grape $5,000 2019 R-09  
Comparison of a Rotating Cross Arm (RCA) and T-Trellis for Impacts on Southeastern Blackberry Production McWhirt, Amanda, Lee, Jackie, Threlfall, Renee AR Blackberry $5,000 2019 R-10  
Evaluation of cane and spur pruning effect on Traminette crop yield and fruit composition Hickey, Cain et al. GA Grape $5,000 2019 R-11  
Fruitzone rain-shields for high-value winegrapes: A test of concept Wolf,Tony and Nita, Mizuho VA Grape $5,000 2019 R-12  
Evaluation of Advanced Selections, Southern and Northern Highbush Blueberries for Self- and Cross-Fertility Aryal, Rishi et al NC Blueberry $5,000 2019 R-13  
Evaluation of Rate-Reducing Resistance and Defense Responses in Strawberry Genotypes to Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes and C. acutatum Adhikari, Tika and Louws, Frank NC Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-14  
Efficacy studies of major fungicides for management of downy and powdery mildews of grape Brannen, Phil GA Grape $5,000 2019 R-15  
Pre-harvest Chitosan Application for Postharvest Disease Control and Shelf Life Extension of 'Camarosa' Strawberry Vinson, Edgar, Woods, Floyd, and Wang, Yifen AL Strawberry $4,750 2019 R-16  
Evaluation of late-dormant applications for control of Exobasidium fruit and leaf spot of Blueberry in Georgia Oliver, Jonathan and Allen, Renee GA Blueberry $5,000 2019 R-17  
Establishment of the Critical Weed-Free Period for Newly Planted Vineyards. Basinger, Nick and Hickey, Cain GA Grape $5,000 2019 R-18  
Tolerance of strawberry to indaziflam herbicide applied to preplant or postemergence over the top Chaudhari, Sushila and Jennings, Katie NC Strawberry $5,000 2019 R-19  
Determining nitrogen-source preference in blueberry using a split-root system Malladi, Anish and Cabrera, Miguel GA Blueberry $5,000 2019 R-20  
Development of a regional fungicide resistance testing service for DMI's and QoI's using both conventional and molecular methods Ali, E., Brannen, J. GA Service $5,000 2019 R-21  


Title P.I.(s) Lead State(s) Crop Amount Project# Report(s)
Development of a Grape Disease Identification Guide and contributions to the MyIPM App. Hoffman, Mark et al. NC Grape $5,000 2019 E-01  
Virtual Blueberry School 2019 McWhirt, Amanda & Cline, bill AR Blueberry $5,000 2019 E-02  
Development of a cultivar selection smartphone app for southeastern US bunch grape and muscadine vineyards. Hickey, Cain et al. GA Grape $5,000 2019 E-03  
Vinedresser Educational Symposiums Radford, Joanna et al. NC Grape $5,000 2019 E-04  
Seasonal Variation in blackberry nutrient concentration of primocane and floricane leaves in Prime-Ark 45 and Traveler in double and single cropping systems Fernandez, Gina et al. NC Blackberry $5,000 2019 E-05  
Evaluating cultivar selection and integrated pest management practices economically to support Blueberry growers in the Mid-South Hansen, Zach et al. TN Blueberry $5,000 2019 E-06  
Evaluating Primocane and Floricane Blackberry Varieties for Hardiness in Louisiana and Mississippi Fontenot, Kathryn, Sexton, Mary, Coker, Christine LA Blackberry $5,000 2019 E-07  
Development of a regional pollinator protection and management guide Blauuw, Brett GA Small Fruit $5,000 2019 E-08  

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