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Sponsored Research and Extension Projects

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TitleP.I.(s)Lead State(s)Crop(s)AmountProject#Report(s)
Evaluation of Reflective Groundcovers for Sour Rot Management in Wine Grape ProductionPhil Brannen, Ashley Hoppers, Brett Blaauw, David Lockwood, Tom KonGAGrapes$5,0002022 R-01
Evaluating organic fungicides for control of blueberry diseases in the southeastern U.S.Jonathan E. Oliver, Bill Cline, Shane CurryGABlueberry$2,5002022 R-02
Evaluating organic fungicides for control of blueberry diseases in the southeastern U.S.Bill Cline, Jonathan E. Oliver, Shane CurryNCBlueberry$2,5002022 R-03
Investigating the Potential of Disease Resistant Vitis vinifera (European Grape) Progeny for the SoutheastElina Coneva, Kassie Conner, Eric Stafne, Ebrahiem BabikerAUGrapes$5,0002022 R-04
Determining Consumer Acceptability of New Fresh-Market Muscadine Grape Releases from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Fruit Breeding ProgramMargaret Worthington, Renee ThrelfallARMuscadine$5,0002022 R-05
Evaluation of Preemergent Herbicides for Newly Planted BlackberriesMatthew Bertucci, Nilda Burgos, Aaron Cato, Amanda McWhirtARBlackberry$5,0002022 R-06
Distribution of Botryosphaeria stem blight in blueberry production of AlabamaSushan Ru, Elina Coneva, Kathy Lawrence, Ebrahiem Babiker, Jonathan Oliver, Melba Salazar-GutierrezAUBlueberry$5,0002022 R-07
Use of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) to Prolong Storage Life and Improve Quality of Prominent Strawberry Cultivars in South Atlantic Region Edgar Vinson, Yifen Wang, Penelope Perkins-VeazieAUStrawberry$5,0002022 R-08
Strawberry dose response to preplant and spring nitrogen rates in annual hill plasticulture productionJayesh Samtani, Mark HoffmannVAStrawberry$5,0002022 R-09
Evaluation of aroma volatiles in muscadine cultivars and breeding selectionsPatrick Conner, Angelos Deltsidis, Margaret WorthingtonGAMuscadine$5,0002022 R-10
Evaluation of Alternative Atmosphere Treatments to Extend Shelf-life of
Georgia-grown Blackberries
Angelos Deltsidis, Zilfina Rubio-Ames, Emran AliGABlackberry$5,0002022 R-11
Testing a rapid screening method for blueberry postharvest quality Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Massimo Iorizzo, Mike MainlandNCBlueberry$5,0002022 R-12
Interaction between pH and form of Nitrogen (N) on blueberry growth and N uptakeAnish Malladi, Miguel CabreraGABlueberry$5,0002022 R-13
Characterizing Marketable Attributes of Juice from Noble and a Potential New Processing Muscadine CultivarRenee Threlfall, Margaret WorthingtonARMuscadine$5,0002022 R-14
Enabling high-throughput yield prediction for efficient blueberry productionSushan Ru, Yin Bao, James Spiers, Elina Coneva, Patricio Munoz, Hamid Ashrafi, Paul BartleyAUBlueberry$5,0002022 R-15
Techniques to improve and expand efficacy of fungicides against powdery mildew
of grape
Phillip BrannenGAGrapes$5,0002022 R-16
Determination of ethylene regulated changes in anthocyanin composition during ripening in blueberrySavithri Nambeesan, Anish Malladi, Renée HollandGABlueberry$5,0002022 R-17
The Effect of Methyl Jasmonate Treatment on Fruit Quality During Postharvest Storage in BlueberriesSavithri Nambeesan, Zilfina Rubio Ames, Harald SchermGABlueberry$5,0002022 R-18
Improving Soil Health for Strawberry Production in North CarolinaTika B. Adhikari, Frank J. LouwsNCStrawberry$5,0002022 R-19
Evaluating non-destructive spectral imaging techniques for predicting wine grape attributesDongyi Wang, Renee ThrelfallARGrapes$5,0002022 R-20
Color Stability of Extracts from Muscadine Grapes High in Malvidin 3,5-diglucosidePenelope Perkins-Veazie, Renee ThrelfallNCMuscadine$5,0002022 R-21
Evaluation of Advanced Southern Highbush Selections for Splitting, Self-Fertility, and Fruit Quality TraitsJessica A. Spencer, Hamid AshrafiNCBlueberry$5,0002022 R-22
Evaluation of Blueberry Production using ContainersMelba Salazar-Gutierrez, Kathy LawrenceAUBlueberry$5,0002022 R-23
Blueberry Soil Amendments (Comprised of Woodland Waste Products) – A Comparison to the Industry Standard Pine BarkBruce McLean, Juan Carlos MelgarSCBlueberry$5,0002022 R-24


TitleP.I.(s)Lead State(s)CropAmountProject#Report(s)
2022 Virtual Southeastern Muscadine SchoolMark Hoffmann, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Phillip Brannen, Margaret Leigh Worthington, Amanda McWhirt, Renee Threlfall, Bill Cline, Patrick Conner, Lynette Johnston, Daniel Tregeagle, Brett BlaauwNCMuscadine$5,0002022 E-01
Evaluating and Updating Raspberry Cultivars Suitable for North Carolina MarketsKaren E. Blaedow, Courtney Webber, Gina Fernandez, Penelope Perkins-VeazieNCRaspberry$5,0002022 E-02
Extension Education on Newly Released Blueberry Cultivars with Improved Fruit Quality CharacteristicsElina Coneva, Ebrahiem Babiker, Sushan Ru, Eric Stafne, Melba Salazar-Gutierrez, Camila Rodrigues, Edgar Vinson, Harli WillisAUBlueberry$5,0002022 E-03
Development of a Herbicide Injury Guide for Brambles, Blueberries, Grape and Strawberries to Assist Growers, Extension Agents and Technical Advisors in Identifying and Diagnosing Herbicide InjuryKatherine M. JenningsNCBrambles, Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry$5,0002022 E-04
Vineyard Pruning Practices for Growers and Agents in Mississippi and LouisianaChristine Coker, Eric Stafne, Kathryn Fonte, Heather Kirk-BallardMSGrape and Muscadine$4,3152022 E-05
Long Cane Raspberry Plant Production in the Deep SouthDavid Picha, Kathryn Fontenot, Christine CokerLSURaspberry$5,0002022 E-06

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