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Sponsored Research and Extension Projects

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TitleP.I.(s)Lead State(s)Crop(s)AmountProject#Report(s)
Evaluation of Preemergent Herbicides for Newly Planted BlackberryBertucci, Burgos, Cato, Jennings, McWhirtARBlackberry$5,0002021 R-01Progress
Weed and Pathogen Control Efficacy of Allyl-Isothiocyanate (AITC) and heat-releasing substances (CaO) Co-Applied with Steam as potential Soil Fumigant AlternativeHoffmann, Samtani, Brannen, Jennings, VolkNCStrawberry$5,0002021 R-02Final
Assessing the impact of Xylella fastidiosa in southern highbush blueberry plants in North Carolina and Georgia Oliver, Cline, AliGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-03Progress
Assessing blackberry fruit quality as influenced by foliar sprays of calcium and salicylic acidSamtani, McWhirt, YinVABlackberry$5,0002021 R-04Progress
Evaluation of Gibberellic Acid and Prohexadione Calcium for Cane Management in Novel and Standard Height blackberryWorthignton, Kon, JohnsARBlackberry$5,0002021 R-05Final
Entomopathogenic Nematodes as an Alternative Management Strategy for Grape Root BorerBlaauw, Shapiro-IlanGAGrape$4,9702021 R-06Final
Comparison of Phenolics in Seedless and Seeded Muscadines after StoragePerkins-Veazie, Threlfall, Worthington, MaNCMuscadine$5,0002021 R-07Final
Strawberry dose response to preplant nitrogen rates in annual hill plasticulture productionSamtani, HoffmannNCStrawberry$5,0002021 R-08Final
Improving soil health for strawberry production in the southeast:3 providing tools for growersAdhikari, LouwsNCStrawberry$5,0002021 R-09Progress
Evaluating Shipping Potential and Standards for Fresh-market Muscadine GrapesThrelfall, Worthington, Howard, Perkins-VeazieARMuscadine$5,0002021 R-10Final
Evaluation of a Rooting Protocol for Hardwood Cuttings of Muscadine GrapesWorthington, Buck, ConnerALMuscadine$5,0002021 R-11Final
Identification of Aromas Unique to Muscadine GrapesThrelfall, Worthington, HowardALMuscadine$5,0002021 R-12Progress
Identifying post-harvest rots of Georgia blueberries and assessing pre-harvest fungicide applications for prevention of post-harvest diseasesOliver, AliGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-13Progress
Alternative Atmosphere Treatments to Extend Shelf Life and Control Postharvest Decay in Muscadine GrapesDeltsidis, Ali, Conner, PaulkGAMuscadine$5,0002021 R-14Progress
Pre-harvest Chitosan Application for Postharvest Disease Control and Shelf Life Extension of ‘Camarosa’ StrawberryVinson, Wang, Perkins-VeazieALStrawberry$4,5052021 R-15Progress
Assessing Pest Management Strategies in Blackberries Produced on a Rotating Cross Arm TrellisCato, McWhirtARBlackberry$5,0002021 R-16Progress
Evaluating Sugar, Acid, and Antioxidant Profiles of Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush, and Rabbiteye Blueberry Fruit Over Postharvest Storage Itle, Davila, Deltsidis, NambeesanGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-17Progress
Expanding Capacity for Evaluation of Promising Grape Genotypes in MississippiStafne, Williams, Coker, CarrollMSGrape$5,0002021 R-18Final
Changes in flavor-related compounds, sugars and acids, after application of Ethephon and 1-aminocycloproponae carboxylic acidNambeesan, Malladi, HollandGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-19Abstract | Progress
Interactive effects of volatile fatty acids and Fe2+ and Mn2+ in suppressing Fusarium oxysporum implicated in black root rot complex of strawberryButler, Ownley, LittrellUTStrawberry$5,0002021 R-20Progress
Optimization and Production of Tissue Cultured Advanced Blueberry Selections for Multi-State TrialingSpencer, AshrafiNCBlueberry$5,0002021 R-21Progress
Analysis of uptake of nitrate and ammonium in blueberry using the 15N stable isotopeMalladi, CabreraGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-22Abstract | Progress
Evaluation of Advanced Southern Highbush Selections for Splitting, Self-Fertility, and Fruit Quality TraitsSpencer, AshrafiNCBlueberry$5,0002021 R-23Progress
The Effect of Cuticular Wax Bloom of Blueberry on Fruit Quality and Shelf life of Cultivars and Advance Selections in the NC State Blueberry ProgramAshrafi, KargarNCBlueberry$5,0002021 R-24
Effects of multiyear applications of 2,4-D choline on Muscadine GrapeJenningsNCMuscadine$5,0002021 R-25
Investigation of anthocyanin production in rabbiteye cultivars for commercial market and ornamental pink-fruited varietiesNambeesan, WildeGABlueberry$5,0002021 R-26Abstract | Final
Evaluation of Southern Highbush Blueberry Varieties for Yield and Fruit Quality throughout the Louisiana Harvest SeasonFontenot, PichaLABlueberry$5,0002021 R-27


TitleP.I.(s)Lead State(s)CropAmountProject#Report(s)
Update of the Southeast Regional Strawberry Plasticulture Production GuideHoffmann, Samtani, Brannen, Jennings, McWhirt, Melanson, Schnabel, Cline, Tregeagle, BurrackNCStrawberry$5,0002021 E-01Final
2021 Virtual Southeastern Strawberry SchoolMcWhirt, Cato, Schnabel, Hoffman, Samtani, BrannanARStrawberry$5,0002021 E-02Final
Creation of a Web-based Pierce’s Disease Index to Improve Cultivar RecommendationsStafne, Fidelibus, Scheiner, Brannen, McCourty, ConevaMS$4,9982021 E-03
Online Training Series in Postharvest Handling and Food Safety of Small FruitsDeltsidis, Dunn, LoayzaGASmall Fruit$5,0002021 E-04Progress
Regional fungicide resistance testing service for Botrytis spp and Colletotrichum spp on small fruitsAli, BrannenGASmall Fruit$5,0002021 E-05Progress
Evaluating Cultivar Selection and Trellis Types to Support Blackberry Growers in the Mid-SouthBumgarner, Hansen, Lockwood, VelandiaUTBlackberry$5,0002021 E-06Progress
Grape Sour Rot Biology and Management Digital Media Educational SeriesBlaedow, Hoffmann, Brannen, Hall, Burrack, Hatch, Villani, NitaNC$5,0002021 E-07Progress
On farm trials of USDA eastern adapted blackberry cultivars in NC, VA and SCFernandez, Rollins, SamtaniNCBlackberry$5,0002021 E-08Final
Cover cropping outreach tools and trainings for North Carolina vineyardsLepsch, Snyder, Hoffmann, Giese, Hatch, Brannen, Mauney, RadfordNCGrape$5,0002021 E-09
Development of fact sheets and comparative critical disease information for Vitis vinifera, traditional hybrids, and Pierce’s disease tolerant grapevine hybridsBrannen, Breeden,GAGrape$5,0002021 E-10Progress
Evaluation of Floricane-fruiting and Primocane-fruiting Raspberry Varieties for Establishment and Fruit Production in Hot, Humid ConditionsFontenot, Coker, Picha, Heafner, Pinnell-Alison, Lee, MatthewsLARaspberry$5,0002021 E-11
Protected Structure Production of Primocane Fruiting Raspberries and Blackberries in the Deep SouthPicha, Fontenot, CokerLA$5,0002021 E-12Progress
Evaluating and Promoting Low-Input Strawberry Cultivars for the Residential MarketPolozola, Shields, LeeLAStrawberry$5,0002021 E-13Final
Weed Control Strategies in Strawberry ProductionStrahan, GauthierLAStrawberry$5,0002021 E-14

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