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Plum curculio: Not just for tree fruits

Adult plum curculio

By Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Dept. Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061 Usually thought of as apple, peach, cherry and plum pest but plum curculio also will attack blueberry, huckleberry, grape, and persimmon (Milholland & Meyer 1984). Plum curculio is one of the most potentially damaging pests on various hosts during…
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Southern Sensation Seedless: A New Table Grape for the Mid-South

Justin Scheiner, Associate Professor and Extension Viticulture Specialist, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University In 2021, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Texas A&M University cooperatively released a new table grape, Southern Sensation Seedless. What makes this grape special is that after thirty-four years of trialing…
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The Southern Fruitcast Covers the Latest Developments in Small Fruits

Southern Fruitcast

The Southern Fruitcast is hosted by Aaron Cato and Amanda McWhirt, extension IPM and production specialists for fruits and vegetables at the University of Arkansas. This podcast currently has 15 episodes that cover the people, technology and latest developments in small fruit production in the Southeast. Episodes can be found…
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Crush It Arkansas! Wine Quality Workshop

October 26, 2021 Join us for The Crush It Arkansas! Wine Quality Workshop Virtual on October 26, 2021 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (CST). The workshop will overview keys to producing quality wine for amateur and commercial winemakers. The workshop will be held as a Zoom meeting and led by…
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Is ‘MidSouth’ a suitable grape for wine?

'MidSouth' clusters before harvest at the MAFES McNeil Research Unit

Haley Williams and Dr. Eric Stafne, Mississippi State University Decades of development followed the grape research that was initiated by the United States Department of Agriculture in Meridian, Mississippi in 1937. Eventually this research led to the release of a new grape cultivar from Mississippi State University in 1981. That…
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Mealybugs in the vineyard: Current management and recent research

Pragya Chalise and Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Dept. Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA While working on your grapevines or small fruit crops, you may come across small, white slow-moving insects. These are mealybugs, named for the white powdery secretions covering their bodies. They occur in perennial crops including grapevines and deciduous…
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Japanese beetle – direct or indirect pest?

Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Dept. Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24060, We are now into the Japanese beetle (JB) season – This is an annual threat for us, though the severity varies quite a bit from year to year.  Some invasive pests have been with us that we no longer…
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Some Vineyard Tasks to Prepare for Winter

Eric T. Stafne, Extension and Research Professor, Mississippi State University Fall is coming soon, and winter is just around the corner. With the cold temperatures coming, it is important that grapevines are prepared. Irrigation should be stopped in September to allow plants to acclimate to the lower light conditions and…
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