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Southeastern Strawberry School Webinar Series

The Southeastern Strawberry School Webinar Series will take place throughout 2021. This series is hosted by the University of Arkansas in collaboration with university specialists from across the southeastern region. This webinar series is sponsored by the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium and is open *free* to county agents, and…
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2019 Blueberry School

Spring Cultivars: Blueberry Cultivars for the Southeastern U.S. – Bill Cline, NC State University – pptx Site Preparation and Establishment: Blueberry Site Preparation and Establishment – Bill Cline, NC State University – pptx Summer Insect ID, Biology and Management: Insect Identification, Biology, and Management in Southeastern Blueberries – Hannah Burrack,…
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2017 Blackberry School

Learn the Basics of Commercial Blackberry Production Horticulture extension specialists at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Amanda McWhirt and Dr. Jackie Lee, conducted a Blackberry School in Arkansas through the early part of 2017. Recordings from these events were used to hold live webinars to train county agents in the…
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