Fall 2021

SMALL FRUIT NEWS – Vol. 21, No. 4
Published four times annually, Small Fruit News is sponsored by the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium (SRSFC), www.smallfruits.org.
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  • Professor Emeritus and Assistant Professor, Small Fruit Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University, and Jayesh Samtani, Assistant Professor, Small Fruit Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech October 2021 Planting Check plants for possible biological (insects and diseases) and physiological (nutrient) disorders prior to planting and treat appropriately. Consult your extension agent if plants appear unhealthy. Get diagnosis…

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  • Gina Fernandez, Small Fruit Specialist, North Carolina State University Fall 2021 Plant growth and development Primocanes continue to grow but growth rate is slower Flower buds start to form in leaf axils on summer-fruiting types Carbohydrates and nutrients in canes begin to move into the roots Primocane fruiting types begin to flower in late summer/early…

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