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Summer 2020 Caneberry Chores

Dr. Gina Fernandez, Small Fruit Specialist at NC State University This list was developed by Dr. Gina Fernandez, Small Fruit Specialist at NC State University. Chores and timing may be somewhat different in your area or for your cropping system. Plant growth and development Fruit development for floricane-fruiting types Rapid…
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Update: Trellis SC Herbicide Label Expanded to Include Caneberries

Wayne Mitchem

Wayne E. Mitchem, Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium Coordinator, Tree Fruit Weed Management Extension Associate, (704) 472-4369 Corteva Agriscience has issued a supplemental label for Trellis SC (isoxaben) herbicide use in newly planted and bearing caneberries.  Trellis already has approved uses for weed control in blueberry, grape, and a few…
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Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for the Mid-Atlantic Region

Jayesh B. Samtani, Assistant Professor and Small Fruit Production Specialist, and Danyang Liu, Ph.D. Candidate, Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Virginia Tech. We are just about done with our strawberry season for 2019-20 growing season and like me, most of you are already beginning to think about the…
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Botrytis Sampling for Fungicide Resistance Development

Dr. Phil Brannen, Extension Fruit Disease Specialist, Plant Pathology, University of Georgia Many of the fungicides utilized for Botrytis management are no longer efficacious due to resistance development in this fungus. Now is a great time to collect Botrytis samples for fungicide-resistance testing. While the funds last, Botrytis resistance testing…
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