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Crush It Arkansas! Wine Quality Workshop

October 26, 2021 Join us for The Crush It Arkansas! Wine Quality Workshop Virtual on October 26, 2021 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (CST). The workshop will overview keys to producing quality wine for amateur and commercial winemakers. The workshop will be held as a Zoom meeting and led by…
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Neopestalotiopsis disease in strawberry: what do we know?

Juliana S. Baggio and Natalia A. Peres, UF/IFAS-Gulf Coast Research and Education Center If you grow strawberry or are somehow related to the strawberry industry, you must have heard about a new emerging disease, Pestalotia leaf spot and fruit rot, caused by the fungus Neopestalotiopsis sp. The taxonomy of this…
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Is ‘MidSouth’ a suitable grape for wine?

'MidSouth' clusters before harvest at the MAFES McNeil Research Unit

Haley Williams and Dr. Eric Stafne, Mississippi State University Decades of development followed the grape research that was initiated by the United States Department of Agriculture in Meridian, Mississippi in 1937. Eventually this research led to the release of a new grape cultivar from Mississippi State University in 1981. That…
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Mealybugs in the vineyard: Current management and recent research

Pragya Chalise and Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Dept. Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA While working on your grapevines or small fruit crops, you may come across small, white slow-moving insects. These are mealybugs, named for the white powdery secretions covering their bodies. They occur in perennial crops including grapevines and deciduous…
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An Evaluation of Preemergence Herbicides in Newly Planted Blackberries

Kayla Knepp, Masters Graduate Student, University of Arkansas Weed management continues to be a major issue in blackberries. With increasing acres being dedicated to blackberry production there is a growing need to find more tools to combat the timeless issues of weeds. New plantings are particularly sensitive to weed competition…
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Testing once, testing twice … Keeping plants clean from viruses

Strawberry necrotic shock virus

Ioannis Tzanetakis, Professor/Director of the Arkansas Clean Plant Center, University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture Viruses can be a menace to berry crops. A single breeding selection or mother plant can easily be propagated to millions of daughter plants, and if the mother plant is infected, all daughter plants…
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Strawberry Growers Checklist

Professor Emeritus and Assistant Professor, Small Fruit Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University, and Jayesh Samtani, Assistant Professor, Small Fruit Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech October 2021 Planting Check plants for possible biological (insects and diseases) and physiological (nutrient) disorders prior to planting and treat appropriately. Consult your extension agent if…
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Blackberry and Raspberry Seasonal Checklist

Gina Fernandez, Small Fruit Specialist, North Carolina State University Fall 2021 Plant growth and development Primocanes continue to grow but growth rate is slower Flower buds start to form in leaf axils on summer-fruiting types Carbohydrates and nutrients in canes begin to move into the roots Primocane fruiting types begin…
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Louisiana Blackberry Weed Control Study Looks at Organic Mulches and Herbicide Options

Dr. Ron Strahan (Associate Professor, LSU Extension Weed Specialist), David Sexton (LSU Extension Research Associate Specialist), Stuart Gauthier (County Agent/Regional Horticulture Agent, LSU AgCenter) Weed management continues to be one of the major issues facing blackberry growers in Louisiana.  Grower concerns prompted LSU AgCenter, Weed Scientist Dr. Ron Strahan and…
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