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Blueberry School Webinar Series Now on YouTube

Authors: Amanda McWhirt and Bill Cline A Virtual Blueberry School was conducted in 2019 covering the major aspects of blueberry production in the Southeastern U.S. The school consisted of a series of live grower workshops in May, June and September in Arkansas and a four-part weekly webinar series offered exclusively…
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Spotted lanternfly – Watch for a new invasive pest!

Compiled by Doug Pfeiffer, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061 Spotted lanternfly is a new invasive pest so far restricted to the mid-Atlantic states. As it expands its range, it has entered the northern part (Virginia) of our Southeastern region. It is likely to expand considerably. While grape…
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2019 Blueberry School Webinar Series

UPDATE 11/26/19:  View videos and slideshows from the 2019 Blueberry School The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium is hosting the 2019 Blueberry School Webinar Series, an in-service training program focused on the basics of blueberry production. Registration for the webinar series is restricted to cooperative extension agents in the Southeastern…
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